The 12 Days of SEO

Santa has been undergoing some training at Search Laboratory; this is what he has learnt so far….

Santa has been interested in soaring up the SERP’s, so he’s been doing some training with Freia “SEO Top Dog” Muehlenbein.

On the first day Freia showed Santa the basics of improving search engine visibility, and here is what he learnt about the following 11 days:

2 guest blogs
3 infographics
4 experts tweeting
5 gold links
6 social media audits
7 off page teams (including multilingual)
8 client blog posts
9 positions rising
10 page 1 positions
11 landing pages
12 relevant keywords

Training is quite intense so forgive Santa if his memory isn’t quite what it used to be, around day 7 poor old Santa had to start checking his comprehensive notes to remind him of all his impeccable training!

Thanks to Simon, Dave H and Mike T for their spirited take on the 12 days of Christmas. We can assure you Simon is better at SEO than he is at remembering his lines/singing!

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One Response to The 12 Days of SEO

  1. Jimmy says:

    The signed pic of Nigel Martyn does it for me. Awesome video guys!

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