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Many news and press release sites now have auto tweet buttons such as Tweetmeme or Twitthis. As an increasing amount of these releases are being tweeted through this method it’s well worth making sure the relevant people are exposed to your release via Twitter. These tweet buttons produce a tweet using the press release title and include a shortened url to the press release.
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Twitterfying Your Press Release

Twitterfying your press release is a great way of ensuring that your press release receives as much exposure to relevant people as possible.

It is extremely simple to do too.

  • Make sure you have an eye catching title
  • Include a relevant word in the title
  • Place a hash (#) tag against the relevant word

This makes sure anybody tweeting or retweeting the press release includes the topic tag, giving it the best chance of being seen by your target audience.


This week Search Laboratory visited Earls Court for the Technology for Marketing and Advertising (TFMA) 2010. To draw more attention to our stand, on the first day, Ian arranged a staged protest against us. This went down well and ensured that we received a lot of interest.

Ian asked me to release a press release, on the morning of the second day, about the protest. This was in order to get as much out of the publicity stunt as we could. I wanted expose the press release to relevant people at the event, so in the actual title of the press release I included a hash tag against #tfma.

Twitterfied Press Release Title with Tweet Button

Twitterfied Press Release Title with Tweet Button

This ensured that anybody tweeting the press release would have their tweet show up in the real time results for #TFMA, giving the press release increased exposure to the most relevant people (the people at the conference / journalists reviewing the conference).

Twitterfy Press Release Titles

Twitterfy Press Release Titles

Twitterfy Press Release Titles

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