Traditional vs. internet based marketing – the advantages of internet marketing


Technical SEO

More and more companies are shifting their focus towards internet marketing and are considering its many benefits. In the 90’s, marketing was all about mass communication. One single message was transmitted via different media such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines to a mass audience. However that preference has changed in more recent years as internet marketing has been found to be the best solution for effective targeting. The main advantages of internet marketing are:


The key to marketing success is the implementation of appropriate branding techniques. Internet marketing has a strategic advantage when it comes to branding as it is highly sophisticated and allows for sophisticated reporting. It is very important to measure the results; conversions and brand awareness generated from your internet marketing in order to work out the ROI derived. Companies have to make sure that every penny they spend on marketing brings some positive contribution towards their financial or organisational objectives. In that sense, internet marketing is great as you can measure exactly where your money goes.

Smart Decisions

Another strategic advantage of internet marketing is that decisions can be made smartly on the basis of detailed analytics. Internet marketing helps you to analyse each and every aspect of your customer’s response to your campaigns in real time. Many minute yet important details can be analysed if you use internet marketing and Google Analytics effectively. You will be able to see how customers found your website, what they did when on your website and how long they stayed as a minimum. You can easily rectify any problematic elements of your campaign at any point, making it more and more effective and well optimised.

Effective Reaching Capacity

You may reach a large audience with the aid of traditional marketing techniques, but you will not have the desired conversion rate all of the time. With internet marketing, you can target your desired consumers precisely with minimum spend. You can even target a small fraction of the total target segment based on a range of preferences. As a result of this, your advertising spend can be controlled and targeted and you can make sure that your money is being spent in the most efficient way.

Constant Effect

When you come across a TV or radio commercial, it may stay there for some time then it will disappear – mainly because it is a costly way to advertise. If you are being exposed to a print advertisement, its validity ends within a day, week or month. Internet marketing helps you to have an everlasting online presence that your current or potential consumers can access at any time. Even if a potential consumer is completely unaware of your company, he/ she can search your offerings  on the internet and find you easily on different search engines any time of the day or night. You are there when they want you.

eWOM Networks Enhance Results

Internet provides the best electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) network, including social networks, blogs, websites, microsites and online discussion platforms. It allows people to develop consumer communities thereby forming an efficient referral system. Thus your messages can be spread quickly. It has been proved that consumers tend to rely more on eWOM messages that traditional marketing messages.

The bottom line is that internet marketing has got manifold advantages over traditional marketing. If it is used effectively, much better results can be produced, especially when teamed with the help of Google Analytics. This pairing will give you a clear picture of exactly what you are paying for. Search Laboratory can help your company harvest the maximum results from a variety of internet marketing tactics including PPC, SEO, Conversion Optimisation, Social Media, Analytics and Online PR.