German Culture Day – things you should know about ‘ze Germans’

Julia Dettler


During the last year Search Laboratory has continued to grow bringing in employees from all over the world. We have not only tripled the number of SEO Executives for our English speaking team, but also enlarged the number of linguists and multilingual full-time staff. Being able to offer multilingual services in almost all European languages, as well as more exotic ones such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian gives Search Laboratory a huge competitor advantage and the possibility to work with well known international clients.

Hence, the company is becoming more and more culturally diverse. It is interesting to be confronted with different languages, cultures and habits on a daily basis and there is a lot to learn from each other. In order to get the best possible benefits from the multicultural work environment, Search Laboratory has started to introduce a monthly “Culture Day” for its employees.

What is culture day?

Every month one country will be chosen and the history, culture, habits and food delicacies will be introduced by the members of the team from that country to be enjoyed by the rest of the staff. September was the first “Culture Day” and the chosen country this month was Germany.

Organised by 3 members of the full time staff all originally from different parts of Germany, they were all able to bring a taste of home into the workplace. In order to give their colleagues the best possible German experience they decorated both offices with flags, garlands and balloons in German colours.

During the regular all staff Monday meeting everyone was involved in a presentation and a little German quiz to test the current and existing perceptions of German culture. The questions were very varied, some of them presenting German facts and history and others purposely playing on common stereotypes about German culture.

Everything started off with a short introduction of the main facts:

After briefly discussing the history of the country, such as the reunion of East and West Germany, the quiz started tackled several common clichés about Germans.

Furthermore, we discussed that almost all German’s speak English, as they are taught English from a very young age in preschool. Some Germans might say that they don’t speak English, as they don’t want to risk imperfection.

We also learned that unfortunately David Hasselhoff had nothing to do with reuniting East and West Germany, and that this is a myth created because his number one Hit, “I’ve been looking for freedom” had been a cover of a famous German song and his new lyrics just fitted perfectly to the wish of freedom during a separated Germany.

It was also interesting to see, that there are a lot a famous bands that come from Germany, bands we probably have heard of before, but never knew were German, such as Scooter, Kraftwerk, The Scorpions or Nena.

When the food preferences of Germany were discussed, one thing definitely was the focus –Germans love sausages!

After the quiz everyone had the chance to get a little taste of Germany, as there was a delicious breakfast buffet, with specialities from all over the country.

The ‘German Culture Day’ was a great success and a fun experience. It showed that Germans clearly do have a sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously as well!

Search Laboratory can’t wait for the next Culture Day in October and we are all excited to find out which country will be next…

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