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The competition

Earlier this month the PPC team were given the opportunity to participate in a Google competition with the chance to win a brand new Google Nexus 4.

The challenge was to optimise PPC accounts for mobile devices in 3 weeks. This could have involved: splitting out mobile activity from desktop activity, using mobile sitelinks, maximising the number of keywords in mobile campaigns, writing mobile specific ad copy and any other improvements we could think of such as location targeting and addition of click-to-call functionality.

And…I’m pleased to say I won!

What did I do to win?

Firstly, I duplicated existed campaigns, ensuring keyword parity and changed the device targeting.

I then created mobile specific ads with calls to action such as “Call us Now”, “Click to Call & Find Out More” and “Get More Info to Your Mobile!” As there was location targeting in place I also changed some of the ad messages so that these locations were mentioned, making the ads more appealing in local areas.

Finally, I set different bids for the mobile campaigns. These bids were based on the performance of the existing account, including current mobile performance compared to PC, with uplifts and decreases where appropriate, due to known trends regarding mobile performance.

I just wanted to say, thank you very much to Google!

My new mobile arrived last night… although it was after a short delay thanks to Royal Mail who claimed the full postage had not been paid by Google (ahem)!




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