7 Quotes from the 2013 Future of Digital Marketing Conference


Joe F

Industry News

Wikipedia database implants, posters that double as drum sets, and clothes that charge your mobile devices on-the-go were just some of the predictions made at Econsultancys 2013 Future of Digital Marketing conference.

Search Laboratory were on hand to hear marketeers from across the digital industries offer their opinions on what they think lies ahead for everything from SEO to wearable technology.

Here are seven of the most memorable quotes from the plethora of presentations:

1. Judd Marcello, Marketing Director at ExactTarget: “We used to be observers of moments, now we are participants, everything can be tweeted, liked or shared.”

2. Gerd Leonherd, CEO at Futures Agency: “While designing our future we must be unreasonable, life is becoming stranger than fiction.”

3. Will Critchlow, founder of Distilled: “52% of UK smartphone users are using them to search every day.”

4. Bruce Daisley, Director of Twitter UK: “Plan for the best scenerios. Expect the worst scenerios.”

5. Toby Barnes, Product Strategy Director at AKQA: “Anyone who spends more than £10 on a watch is an idiot. The reason people spend lots of money on watches is so they can pretend they’re in Top Gun. What happens when Apple bring out a watch? I can tell you now Apples watch will cost more than £10.”

6. Sarah Wood, CMO at Unruly: “Vine is leading the agile marketing movement.”

7. Graham Cooke, CEO at Qubit: “Internet Explorer users are your highest conversion users, especially after 18.00.”


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