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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

A lot happens in digital during a week so every Friday we gather the most interesting, amusing and entertaining stories from the world of online marketing, ecommerce et al from the past seven days, in one place.

New iPhone

While not technically falling into the digital marketing sector I’ve decided to shoehorn the launch of the new iPhone into this week’s round-up under the pretence that it falls under ecommerce – after all you can buy them online. Apples launch of its two new iPhone models – the 5S and 5C – was undoubtedly the biggest story in digital this week.

However, the new models have been greeted with a lukewarm reception, even laughter from Google. Apple has lost its grip on the smartphone market in recent years and the 5S and 5C dont look like changing that, with the worlds second largest company experiencing a 5% drop in shares following the launch.


New Google logo?

Sticking with the new theme and following on from Yahoos rebrand which we told you about in last weeks round-up, the media was buzzing over the weekend with reports that a new Google logo was imminent. The story came about after it was claimed that Google had launched a different logo design in its Chrome Beta for Android browser. This turned out to be wide of the mark and in fact the new flatter logo has been in circulation for years.

new Google logo

“Worst Twerk” turns out to be a prank

I can claim with some confidence that this is the first appearance of the word twerk on the Search Laboratory blog. The dance, brought into the mainstream media spotlight by a scantily clad Miley Cyrus recently, was the focus of an elaborate prank by the US TV personality Jimmy Kimmel – which he revealed once the video had gone viral with over 11m views and counting. Prank or no prank, the video shows the power of piggybacking an on-trend topic.

Max Mosley and the right to be forgotten

Max Mosley of Formula One fame is taking legal action against Google in attempt to have details about his participation in an S&M orgy erased from the search engine results. Mosley has already successfully sued the now defunct News of the World, who broke the story of the 2008 orgy and printed accompanying videos and images, for £60,000 in damages. But he now wants the right to be forgotten online and has taken his fight to Paris and Germany.

However, Google don’t look like budging. In a recent blog, associate general counsel at Google, Daphne Keller, wrote: “[Mosley] wants web companies to build software filters, in an attempt to automatically detect and delete certain content.

“Specifically, Mr. Mosley demands that Google build a filter to screen Googles index and proactively block pages containing images from our results – without anyone, much less a judge, ever seeing it or understanding the context in which the image appears.

“This not just a case about Google, but the entire Internet industry. If Mr. Mosleys proposal prevails, any start-up could face the same daunting and expensive obligation to build new censorship tools — despite the harm to users fundamental rights and the ineffectiveness of such measures.”

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