This Week in Digital…

Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

A lot happens in digital during a week so every Friday we gather the most interesting, amusing and/or entertaining stories from the world of online marketing, ecommerce et al in one place.

Bing rebrand

First there was Yahoo with its month-long build-up to changing its logo, then there were the rumours (ultimately false, it must be noted) last week that Google was gearing up for a rebrand and finally Bing has gotten in on the act with a new logo of its own.

The rebrand oesn’t stop there though, with Microsoft’s search engine also redesigning the overall site and search experience. In announcing the re-brand, Bing said: “People use Bing to make” decisions, not stare at lists of links. From finding the best map route to the newest digital camera to the hottest local restaurant, Bing is there with the answer. Now were making the Bing experience even better.”

Bing's new logo

Has anyone seen my iPad?

A man picks up a stack of printing paper thinking it was his iPad. Not the most likely plot for a viral video – unless said man just happens to be presenting the live BBC news at the time. Unperturbed by his error the hapless presenter, Simon McCoy, carried on regardless with his report on Drunk Tanks (anyone see any irony here?!) proudly clutching his A4 paper. The footage of this has already received nearly half a million views on YouTube, going someway to reinforce the internets thirst for content that provides both comedy and embarrassment.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a better example of content marketing this week than British Airways #RaceThePlane. To mark the airlines launch of its Dreamliner fleet BA held a competition on Thursday where the public were invited to help a Twitter-powered plane race the Dreamliner from London Heathrow to Toronto for the chance to win plane tickets. The more tweets sent containing the hashtag #RaceThePlane the faster the Tweetliner went. This was a really creative way of raising awareness that BAs Heathrow-Toronto route is now serviced using its Dreamliner fleet (I for one had no idea before I saw #RaceThePlane) while also engaging its social community.

British Airways dreamliner

A three-minute history of Europe

From a modern-themed example of great content marketing to a historic one, Historical Atlas has created a three-minute video showing the changes in European nations over the last millennium. The video, which starts in the year 1140 as the Vikings were on the way out and finishes in 2012, was featured on a wide variety of media websites including the Daily Mail.