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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

A lot happens in digital during a week so every Friday we gather the most interesting, amusing and/or entertaining stories from the world of online marketing, ecommerce et al in one place.

Hated by the Daily Mail

How much are you hated by the Daily Mail?

Providing you’ve not been dwelling under a rock for the past week you’ll already be au fait with the row between the Daily Mail and Labour leader Ed Milliband.

There has been much conjecture on both sides, and this blog is certainly not going to start getting political, but one good result of this whole palava is the How Much Are You Hated By The Daily Mail? test that sprung up on Wednesday.

Jumping on the huge media focus on this row the website Us Vs Them (incidentally owned by Trinity Mirror, who also own the lefty Mirror) launched the tongue-in-cheek test.

With questions such as ‘Do you think it was all a lot better in the old days?’ and ‘Michael Gove? the quiz plays on the Mails infamous, right-wing editorial policy.

Once you have answered the questions you are told just how hated by the Daily Mail you are and there is the option to tweet your results, ensuring the test went viral (pictured right) .

Estimated Total Conversions

Estimated Total Conversions is a new tool that was announced at the Google Analytics Summit this week. In a “post” on the AdWords blog Google explained how the new tool will help:

This is an exciting first step to give marketers more insight into how AdWords drives conversions for your business by showing you both the conversions you see today, like online sales, as well as an estimate of conversions that take multiple devices to complete.

Basically it will show how much you can expect your conversions to increase should you increase your budget. There is also a cross-device element which aims to track those conversions that start on one device and finish on another. For example, researching on a smartphone and then making the purchase on your desktop.

Ecommerce on the up Down Under

The Australian Bureau of Statistics announced this week that Australians spent $7.61 billion online in the last year. This is the first year that the ABS has tracked online shopping habits and the figures relate to ecommerce purchases of less than $1,000. The $7bn total puts Australia behind most of the major European nations and none more so than the UKs $99bn market.

Submarine PR stunt

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better PR stunt this year than this one by an Italian insurance company in Milan. Using cleverly laid-out props Europ Assistance IT made it look like a submarine had surfaced in the old town turning the pavement into rubble and damaging a car in the process. And if that wasnt enough the scene was complete when sailors disembarked the subs tower to meet the emergency services. The whole stunt was to publicise Europ Assistance ITs Protect Your Life Campaign.

Submarine PR stunt

Submarine publicity stunt