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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

A lot happens in digital during a week so every Friday we gather the most interesting, amusing and/or entertaining stories from the world of online marketing, ecommerce et al. in one place.

Black Friday comes to Britain

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that traditionally sees American stores slash their prices, has crept further into British culture this year with retailers including Asda and John Lewis offering promotional offers.

In keeping with the trans-Atlantic theme Asda has put up Wal-Mart (its parent company) logos in all of its superstores to herald the Black Friday deals. and Amazon have also got in on the Black Friday action.

Black Friday in America is renowned as producing chaotic scenes such as the one below, and to shamelessly plagiarise a joke that I saw doing the rounds on Twitter: “Only in America would people trample each other for sales the day after being thankful for what they already have.”

Black Friday

Page 3 with a difference

Indulge me a departure from digital for a moment. Sony launched its new games console this week and this Playstation 4 advert in The Sun today is genius:

Playstation page 3

UK ad spend set to pre-crash high

The total advertising spend in the UK is expected to reach a pre-financial crash high of £14bn in 2013, according to a WPP report published this week. Digital advertising has accounted for 44% of this, or £6.2bn. This share is predicted to reach 50% and £7bn next year. Paid search in the UK has seen its market share double since 2008.

The advertising industry has been in the doldrums since the financial crash and has taken six years to recover fully – in 2007 the industry was worth £13.1bn.

All Blacks excel off the pitch as well

*Apologies in advance to any Ireland rugby union fans still smarting from last weeks loss.* The New Zealand rugby union team, better known as the All Blacks, ensured they finished the 2013 calendar year unbeaten thanks to a dramatic last gasp victory over Ireland on Sunday, which saw them score a converted try in added time, to deny the Irish a first victory over their Southern Hemisphere rivals in 108 years of trying.

What does this have to do with digital marketing? I hear you cry. Well, not suffice with sitting back and enjoying the glory of 14 unblemished victories in 2012, the All Blacks ensured the world knew of their success with a little alteration of their websites world wide web subdomain. In case you hadn’t guessed by now, this is the new All Blacks website:

.uk address planned

Sticking with the topic of web addresses, Nominet, the organisation responsible for UK web addresses has re-visited plans to roll out a shorter .uk address. The plan, which follows a similar move in Germany and France, was originally put on ice due to fears of confusion.

Nominet say the new address will affect more than 10 million customers when it is launched in the middle of 2014. To allievate fears that companies will be forced into buying the new address in order to prevent others from doing so and subsequently hijacking traffic, Nominet has extended the right-of-refusal period from six months to five years.

Meanwhile nine new generic top level domians have been made available this week. This include .guru, .ventures and .singles.

And finally…

Budweiser has unveiled a Twitter powered knitting machine as part of a campaign to get more people to appoint designated drivers over the festive period. Tweets containing the hashtag #jumpers4des will power a Knitbot to knit Christmas jumpers, which will then be used as competition prizes on the brewers UK Facebook page.

In other news, Google has taken its street view inside to airports and train stations, while the search engine has also started its next round of Google Glass testing.