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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

A lot happens in digital during a week so every Friday we gather the most interesting, amusing and/or entertaining stories from the world of online marketing, ecommerce et al. in one place.

Amazon delivers drone story right on time

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, pulled a fast one this week. His announcement on American TV show, 60 Minutes, on Sunday – otherwise known as the day before Cyber Monday, the biggest 24 hours in ecommerce in the western world! – that Amazon planned to use drones to deliver parcels in the future was dutifully lapped up the media. This meant the online retailer monopolised the news agenda on Cyber Monday, with sales rising 46% from 2012, equating to 47 goods sold per second in the UK alone.

Chancellor shows his softer side

Staying with cynical announcements its no coincidence that Chancellor George Osborne told the world of an adorable addition to his family just days before his Autumn Statement. This story was covered in The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro and the BBC. Nothing like a picture of a puppy to show the world your softer side and humanise your image.


Lola Osborne

Amazon has drones. Waterstones has OWLs

In a brilliant newsjack of Amazons drones, the book store Waterstones announced a new method of delivering our favourite tomes: the Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service. Watch Waterstones press manager Jon Owls, below, talk about how the O.W.L.S service will work:

And Google has robots

Not to be outdone in the moonshot (aiming-for-the-moon thinking) stakes Google revealed its plans to build robots. The robotic arm of Google (sorry!) is being led by former head of Android, Andy Rubin, who told The New York Times this is a 10-year vision. Google has already acquired seven robotic companies.

Twitter webinar failTwitter gets Twitter wrong

Twitter ran a webinar on Thursday to show businesses how they can advertise on the social network. This webinar, which was comprehensively marketed in the run up, however went horribly wrong.

The quality of sound in the presentation was almost unbearable prompting thousands of users to complain via the suggested hashtag #twitteracadamy (pictured right) to the extent it trended at number one in the UK.

Instead of taking heed of this feedback Twitter carried on regardless with the echo-ey webinar, which it clearly became apparent had been pre-recorded – with all doubt removed at the end of the slideshow when the presenter, without a hint of irony, said: “You’ve been asking some great questions on #TwitterAcademy.”

As perfect a social media fail as you could hope to see! But to be fair to Twitter, it did send an email out later apologising and offering free advertising credit.

Yahoo! roundup 2013

Yahoo! has collected its biggest search moments, the most searched stories and best viral and memes of the past 12 months. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian all make the top ten searches, while the Papal transition, the Boston bombings and the Royal birth feature in the most Yahoo!-ed news stories in 2013. See the full lists here.

Lush want Amazon to clean up its act

Cosmetics company, Lush, has filed a lawsuit against online retailer Amazon to try and stop it from targeting search adverts on its brand. Lush, which doesnt allow Amazon to stock its products, claim that this is infringing its trademark. The ruling is expected next year.

And finally…

Mobile paid search is expected to be worth $3.8 billion by the end of this year, according to a new study by Forrester Research.