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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

#BestBuds win Superbowl ad battle

It’s been a massive seven days for marketers, in a week that started with the Superbowl and ended with the Winter Olympics. Last Sundays Superbowl saw the worlds biggest brands all hoping to score the type of touchdown Oreo bagged last year with its ‘dunkin in the dark’ reactive tweet.

In terms of adverts it was widely accepted that Budweiser was the winner. The beer brand took the cute route in its ad, which showed a puppy (awwwww) and horse as bestest friends. Not quite sure it makes you want to reach for the fridge and crack open a cool Bud mind.



Meanwhile JCPenney was one brand that stood out on Twitter. The retailer accidentally on-purpose posted two tweets that resembled the type of messages that escape your outbox at 2am on a Friday night. By doing this they got Twitters attention, before subsequently apologising for tweeting in mittens (it was the first Superbowl in the north of the US, therefore it was a tad chilly).



However sometimes less is more and that age-old mantra was at the heart of Oreos Superbowl social.


Googles SERPs set to change after EU settlement

Google, this week, moved to settle an EU investigation and avoid a multi-billion Euro fine by offering to include rivals in its search results. The change, which is designed to give users a real choice, will see rivals given prominent positions, such as below. The settlement received widespread media coverage, and for more information read our very own PPC Manager Ryan Jones talking about the deal to the Yorkshire Post.

google eu

Dominos serves up a stellar slice of marketing

Everybody’s favourite, and lets be honest over-priced, pizza joint has been in great form when it comes to marketing this week. Firstly they took advantage of the London tube strike by handing out free pizzas to bedraggled commuters, no doubt winning hearts and minds in the process.

Dominos then followed this up with a side serving of social media brilliance. The pizza company carved out an ice-sculpture of a delivery man perilously holding a pizza box, set up a live stream of the ensuing melt, and then invited the British public to Tweet the Heat. The lucky person who happened to tweet using the #DominosMeltdown – which trended at number one in the UK – at the time of the pizza box falling won a years supply of free pizza.


c4Rainbow is the colour of the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics get underway today in Sochi Russia and before a single snowboard has been somersaulted in anger, its already all going downhill for Vladimir Putin. The Russian premiers anti-gay laws have long been the subject of derision from the global community – the snowy games have just given the world a platform for this derision to be displayed. And displayed it is, mainly through various rainbow-coloured re-brands.


Channel 4 has switched its logo for the games and also launched a TV campaign titled Gay Mountain in which the broadcaster wishes all athletes – gay or straight – good luck in Sochi. Google also made its views on Putins laws pretty clear with a rainbow-themed doodle.

And finally…

In the week that Facebook celebrated its 10-year anniversary (by allowing users to clog up newsfeeds with nostalgic timeline videos!) Twitter and LinkedIn were licking their wounds after poor financial results saw their respective share prices drop. This week also saw the new generic top-level domain names go live, with .camera and .graphics just two of the new suffixes available since Wednesday.