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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

Flappy Bird no more

This week started with the horribly frustrating game Flappy Bird – at the time the most popular free app in the world – being taken down from both the App Store and Google Play by its creator Dong Nguyen.

Nguyen was reportedly earning up to $50,000 a day from advertising on the game so the move to effectively delete this money spinner was a surprising one – and also ensured the media attention it had been getting increased exponentially. A masterful PR move then? Well, yes but also no.

Yes in the sense that we humans are a strange bunch and the safest way to make us want something is by telling us that we cant have it. Hence why smartphones with Flappy Bird already downloaded were reportedly being sold for thousands on eBay following its deletion. And also why the Most Popular app lists are plagued by shameless spin-offs such as Splashy Fish.

flappy bird

No in the sense that it does seem Nguyen (tweeting above) has genuinely grown tired with the attention and was not being coy when he called time on Flappy Bird. Personally I’ve got a high score of 11 and cant imagine ever beating it.

Lush wins the week

Cosmetic company and retailer behemoth Amazon are not the best of friends. The two have been embroiled in a legal battle over Amazon bidding on Lushs brand name, which the bath-bomb-selling independent won this week.

Not suffice with this victory though Lush stuck it to Amazon further by revealing a new series of toiletries named after Christopher North, the UK boss of the online retailer, with the independent taking out a trademark on his name. The Christopher North shower gel is described as rich, thick and full of it. Amazon is yet to respond…

Christopher North Lush


Twitter tests new look

Social media site Twitter is testing a new homepage layout that is less vertical text and more image-heavy – more like Facebook basically. The below example (source Mashable) shows how the new design could look.

twitter redesign


Top 50 Digital Agencies in the North named

Forgive us the self-promotion but we just happened to have been named in the top 10 digital agencies in the North 2014– at number six to be precise! You can see the full list here.


Remember James Arthur? No we didn’t either, but Google reminded us hes a former X-Factor winner. Well James – who has a penchant for a public meltdown – was the subject of a Twitter Q&A this week, one that was not started by him. It was initiated by the social sites masses. The ensuing questions are proof that in today’s social media society if the public don’t like you they’ll tear you down in a dust cloud of wit. Below are some of the best questions posed to Mr Arthur:






And finally…

Bing has been accused of censoring Chinese language search results for US users. The terms reportedly returning different results included Dalai Lama and June 4 incident (i.e Tiananmen Square protests). However Microsoft responded to these claims by blaming a system error.