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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

Yandex and Google team up for display advertising

Despite being rivals for the Russian internet market Yandex and Google have teamed up on display advertising. In an announcement this week Yandex outlined how it and Google have entered into a mutually beneficial strategic partnership agreement in respect of online display advertising sales.

This will see Googles DoubleClick Bid Manager platform be connected to Yandex’s real-time bidding system. As well, Yandex’s AWAPS platform will be added to Googles DoubleClick AdExchange.

Nikolay Danilov, head of Sales Technologies at Yandex, said: “The integration of the two advertising systems will undoubtedly stimulate the online advertising market.

“The transparency that is characteristic of RTB systems creates new possibilities for growth. The more players, the wider range of ad inventory, the greater the competition for placement, and the higher the quality of the ads themselves. We anticipate that the partnership with Google will result in increased display advertising sales and improvements in ad quality.”

This wasnt the only ad exchange deal Google has signed this week. The search giant also announced that it had launched a new exchange across Time Incs online publications in the US and other international markets.

JobSite trolls Piers Morgan

Job listing websites newsjacking high profile sackings is nothing new – in fact its almost expected. Nevertheless this example by Jobsite taking advantage of Piers Morgan having his show cancelled by CNN was both perfectly timed and brilliantly judged, fitting in with the sea of delight on social at Morgans fall from grace.

So far it’s been retweeted over 12,000 times and favourited more than 5,000 times. The fun doesn’t stop there though as Jobsites trolling was covered in the Metro and Independent.

jobsite Piers Morgan


Cutts takes aim at Poland

He’s done Frances link networks, is still hitting Germany’s and now Poland is the next country to fall under Googles head of webspam, Matt Cutts, cross-hairs.

Matt Cutts Poland link networks


Did you hear the one about the banker in the lift?

Say what you like about bankers – No, really, you can say what you like about bankers. The @GSElevator (Goldman Sachs Elevator Gossip) Twitter account has been doing just that for the last few years. With tweets purporting to quote overheard conversations in the investment banks elevators lifts – for example: “On Valentines Day I send my wife flowers with a card that says congratulations.” – the account has to date amassed 645,000 followers.

Unsurprisingly the financial institution were none too pleased at this chauvinistic portrayal of their workers and internal investigations were reported to have taken place in an attempt to discover the mole. No need in the end as the man behind the account unveiled himself this week – and lo and behold he didn’t even work at Goldman Sachs. He was a former Citigroup bonds executive. If you ever needed proof of the power of social media then a parody Twitter account getting under the skin of one of the worlds premier banks is it.

And finally…

Research by Google has found that click-to-call services are important to smartphone users, with 36% saying they are likely to look elsewhere if it isn’t offered and 94% saying they had called a business directly after searching on their phone. Google is also reportedly lobbying the US officials in an attempt to prevent legislation being passed that would outlaw drivers wearing the internet company’s wearable-tech glasses.