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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Oscars Twitter Frenzy

The week began with a flurry of glitz, glam, stumbles on the red carpet (poor Jennifer Lawrence) and a barrage of tweets, including this record breaking effort from this years host Ellen DeGeneres that included a who’s who of Hollywood A-listers (and a cracking smirk from Kevin Spacey).
Ellen tweet

It wasn’t long before the spoof snip-offs started appearing, the Homer J. Simpsons official twitter account created a “what happened behind the camera?” for their attempt. Grumpy cat and John Terry also got in on the action, more examples can be found in this post.

Homer tweet

Brands were also all over the Oscars on Twitter, Millier Lite were quick off the mark when Matthew McConaughey mentioned in his Best Actor acceptance speech that his Dad was a regular Miller Lite drinker.


Big Mamas & Papas, the pizza company that provided the celebs with their carb fix halfway through the ceremony, used pictures of the famous audience guzzling their food to tweet out to their followers.


Big Mama tweet

Google SERPs Overhaul?

Recently Google has been playing about with the layout of its SERPS and more and more people are starting to notice that the layout they seem to be favouring in these tests, has done away with the underlines and increased the font size making it much clearer to read each listing. The below image is a direct comparison (Source: Search Engine Land) of the SERPs now and the test, Google have refused to comment on these tests so we will just have to wait and see whether our future search results do look like this.


SERP changes

Dial Us All In, David

This week the Prime Minister took to Twitter with an important phone call to Barack selfie, apparently discussing the situation in Ukraine. However, the tweet backfired when celebrities got in on the action and mocked the PM responding to the tweet with their own versions of the picture. Respected actor, Patrick Stewart, used a pack of Wet Ones to dial-in to the discussion and as you can see, Stewarts tweet was retweeted and favourited over double the amount of Camerons.

Cameron tweetStewart tweet


Ye Olde Google Maps

Google has this week launched a map gallery, which overlays interesting information and historical events over its own maps. The American Civil War map, which is currently one of the top rated, charts what the country looked like at the time as well as documenting where battles were fought and historical facts.  There are hundreds of maps to explore, which you can do so here.


Google maps

Xbox One and Bing Team Up

Microsoft announced this week that Xbox One will now provide full web search courtesy of Bing. On the official Bing blog it is reported that now “any time you search with ‘Xbox Bing’ you will receive results from our expansive marketplace as well as relevant items from the web”



And Finally…

Chirpify are now allowing brands to create new conversion and purchase opportunities by way of #actiontags that will tie TV advertising campaigns to social media and ultimately drive conversions. Adidas are already using the technology and have reported that 65% of consumers that use a #actiontag go on to convert by either making a purchase or participating in a promotion.