This Week in Digital…

Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

#nomakeupselfie raises £1m

You may have noticed that Facebook has been full of photos of women absent make-up this week (although quite a few look suspiciously made-up to me) as part of a cancer awareness campaign.

The premise is pretty basic: take a selfie of yourself with no make-up, post on Facebook and then nominate someone else to do the same (see singers VW Browns below). As it transpires this campaign had nothing to do with Cancer Research but that didn’t stop it going viral, resulting in an unexpected £1m in donations to the charity in just two days.

vw brown #nomakeupselfie


The Tories make a colossal PR gaffe

While the country’s women were scrubbing off their make-up and taking selfies, the Chancellor George Osborne was busy delivering his budget. Now we don’t get into the nuances of politics here, but Gideon was on his way to pretty much universal positive media coverage from his economic plan for the next year, that was until Conservative party chairman Grant Schapps tweeted this agile advert.

Tory Bingo

This ridiculously ill-judged image – to provide context: Gideon took a penny off the pint and halved bingo tax (no I didn’t know they taxed bingo either!) in his budget – dominated the media coverage on Thursday, at a time when Osborne should have been basking in positive media from his biggest moment in the year. #ToryBingo and Bingo Tax were trending all day on Twitter and there have been endless spin-offs since.

tory bingo ad

Tory bingo tax

It really was a seriously impressive PR own goal.

Google launch watch

Google this week launched its Android Wear project which will see its phone and tablet software being run on wearable devices such as watches. As part of the launch, two concept watches were unveiled which can among other features display texts and emails and receive posts from social media.

Google Watch

And finally…

France and Germany have already been hit, well now Google has turned its attention to Italy and Spain penalising link networks in both these countries this week.