This Week in Digital…

Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

Major mobile update for Twitter

Users can now include up to four images in a single tweet and also tag people in photos on Twitter, following a mobile update on the social media network, which was announced on Wednesday. The update, initially only for iPhone users, allows you to tag up to 10 people in a photo.

Twitter photo tagging

Amazing Pepsi stunt

I was going to write something witty and entertaining to accompany the video of this Pepsi stunt, which is part of their Unbelievable campaign – but it wouldn’t have done it justice. So instead, just click play!



Google teams up with Ray-Ban for Glass

Google Glass is no stranger to this blog and its testament to the power of the American internet giant that so much has been written about a product that so few have even seen, let alone experienced. It was reported this week that the Italian designer Luxottica – previous work includes Oakley and Ray-Ban – will work on a new design for Googles wearable tech.

500k+ page views for Moyes excuse calculator

Things went from bad to worse for Manchester United’s much-maligned manager David Moyes this week when his side were beaten 3-0 by rivals Man City. The local paper, Manchester Evening News, reacted to this defeat by launching a Moyes Random Excuse Generator.

Basically you type in the reason you need an excuse and Davey provides you with one (like below). Trinity Mirror subsequently announced it received 557,000 page views in just one day.

Moyes excuse generator

And finally…

The Sun has started to print dedicated hashtags next to stories in its paper in an attempt to encourage social shares/conversations around its articles.

David Dinsmore, Editor of The Sun, said, “The Sun has always powered the nations conversation, but by printing hashtags alongside our news we are making it easy for readers to share their opinions and continue the story online. In an increasingly digital world, it will also help a whole new generation discover Sun content and our unique brand of journalism.”