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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

April Fools

The internet was amok with jokes by companies on Tuesday morning – disclaimer: we may or may not have contributed to this trend – as part of the annual April Fools’ PR fest. From square Toblerones to sharks in the Birmingham canal everyone was at it and I was going to roundup some of the best pranks – but like the jokes themselves every man and his dog has already done a summary.


square toblerone

Retweet Share

Twitter is reportedly gearing up to replace its iconic ‘Retweet’ button with a Facebook-esque ‘Share’ one. Similarly a ‘First add comment’ function is reported to be being lined up to replace the Quote Tweet button. Had this story broke on Tuesday the vast majority of people probably would have brushed it off as just another April Fools joke. However it does appear to be serious. Seems an odd move by Twitter nevertheless.


Retweet button


Vine adds private messaging

The video social media network Vine released a private messaging feature this week. Users will be able to send anyone private messages but those that come from people you don’t follow will show in a separate other inbox. This is a move that coincidentally echoes the above story in the sense that Twitter (owner of Vine) is again copying Facebook (owner of Instagram which added a similar feature a few months back).

Popularity v Authority

Does being popular make you authoritative? Googles Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, has addressed this question with relation to websites in a video posted this week. In it Cutts uses the example of porn websites being more popular than governmental sites, but obviously the latter is the more authoritative.



And finally…

Yahoo has announced that it is now encrypting users data, in a move brought on by the Edward Snowden snooping revelations. In a company blog Yahoo declared that its homepage and all searches on it are encrypted by default.