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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

Heartbleed havoc

EVERYONE EVERYWHERE STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING AND CHANGE ALL YOUR INTERNET PASSWORDS! This has been the doomsday message peddled by some members of the media this week following the emergence of the Heartbleed internet virus. The virus attacks a software flaw on web servers running OpenSSL, which could lead to the leaking of personal information such as passwords.



Are you tweeting your way to singledom?

Researchers have discovered that the more time couples spend on Twitter the more problems in their relationships. The University of Missouri study found that using the social network can lead to jealousy issues.

The student leading the research, Russell Clayton, said: “Facebook-induced jealousy, partner surveillance, posting ambiguous information, compulsive Internet use, and online portrayal of intimate relationships can be damaging to romantic relationships.

“Since Twitter now allows users to interact in a similar way as Facebook (i.e., write posts and upload images, videos, and location check-ins), the researcher theorizes that the effects of Twitter use on interpersonal relationships are comparable to those associated with Facebook.”

In other Twitter news this week the micro-blogging site has rolled out its new Facebook-esque layout.

F*** the poor

Charity, The Pilion Trust, shocked London recently by handing out offensive leaflets to the public proclaiming “F*** the poor”, secretly filming reactions while doing so. They then canvassed the same area with the message “Help the poor” and guess which tactic got more attention?

The shock campaign has proved a great success getting widespread coverage, and the video (below) has been watched over a million times. *Video contains language of the colourful variety.


Tetris on a skyscraper

To mark the games 30th birthday a group of fans gathered together in Philadelphia and played Tetris on a skyscraper! This doesn’t hold the world record for the largest game though – that accolade goes to fellow 80s favourite Pong.

tetris on a skyscraper


Yet another agile Man United stunt

They may be having an awful season on the pitch (haha!) but off it Manchester United really are the PR gift that keeps on giving. Paddy Power, and the Manchester Evening News have already capitalised on the Red Devils hell (see what I did there) and now have put the boot in by offering United fans discounted stays in European hotels following their teams exit from the Champions League.

And finally…

You may remember it was the Grand National last week (my bank account certainly does!) and to mark the biggest day in the betting calendar bookmakers Betfair launched an app in the style of dating app Tinder that matched punters with horses from the worlds richest steeplechase. Punters could place or reject a bet on each horse by swiping left or right. Betfair has claimed the app was a great success and there are plans to roll it out for other major sporting events in the future.