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Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

Yahoo takes the fight to Google via Apple

Last week we brought you news about how Yahoos share of the US search engine market was at an all-time low – well it seems like the exclamation-point-loving company aren’t going to go down without a fight.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer is reportedly planning to persuade Apple to use her company rather than Google as the default search engine on their devices. Bing has already usurped Google when it comes to powering Apples voice communication software Siri and according to the reports the tech giant is receptive to Yahoos proposition.

Apple takes the fight to Samsung via Earth Day

On the topic of Apple, the i-Pod creator used Earth Day to run an advert promoting environmentalism and also at the same time have a sly dig at Samsung. Apple is currently locked in a legal battle with Samsung who it accuses of infringing patents, with the latter facing damages of $930 million.


Apple Earth Day ad

Man United forget to check their scheduled tweets

Unless you’ve spent the last few days under a rock you’ll be aware that Man United have parted ways with ill-fated manager David Moyes (shame). The news of Moyes departure was leaked to journalists on Monday announced on the clubs Twitter feed – a big step, considering they didn’t even have an account last year – however United’s social team forgot to check their scheduled tweets beforehand and ended up wishing former player Dion Dublin a happy birthday at the same time.


Man U twitter fail

How not to buy a spammed-domain

The last thing you want to do when setting up a new website is buy a domain that has already been obliterated by spammers. This is something Google’s Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, has addressed in his latest video, advising you perform a site:domain name search, and to be worried if this returns no content.



#myNYPD backfires

When the New York Police Department launched their #myNYPD social campaign inviting New Yorkers to share images of themselves with cops (officers of the law to you and me) they probably werent going after photos like the ones below.


And finally…

Yorkshire is home to two streets that boast the slowest broadband speeds in the UK, according to new research by While Google has added a time machine feature to its maps allowing you to see how places have changed and Facebook has launched a newswire service.