This Week in Digital…

Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital

Two-pixel pedantry from Google

Google has changed it’s logo this week by a whole two pixels. The g and the l have been moved right and down respectively by a single pixel each, apparently making the l and e match up. Can you spot the difference?


google logo change

PR stunt gone very wrong

As part of the promotion for the new Watch Dogs video game an Australian PR agency sent a reporter a safe along with a letter reading check your voicemail. After the reporter tried to enter a code into the safe it started beeping sparking fears that it was a bomb.

The police were called, offices were evacuated and the safe was eventually forced open revealing: two promotional hats, a copy of the game and an embargoed press release. Its safe to say the newspaper were not happy.


PR stunt backfire


Self-driving cars

In between messing around with their logo the good folks at Google have had time this week to announce that they’re building self-driving cars. According to reports these vehicles will have a stop-go button and nothing much else. No steering wheels or pedals.

Director of the project Chris Urmson said: “We’re really excited about this vehicle – it’s something that will allow us to really push the capabilities of self-driving technology, and understand the limitations.”

Driver or no driver the car is not likely to win any design awards.


self-driving car



World famous professor, Stephen Hawking, has revealed two mathematical solutions to England winning the impending Brazil World Cup, as part of a genius PR stunt by a bookmaker (Paddy Power). At a press conference at Londons Savoy Hotel Hawking said: “We do better in temperate climates, at low altitudes, with kick-off as close to the normal three o’clock as possible.”

“The impact of environmental factors alone is quite staggering. A 5C rise in temperature reduces our chances of winning by 59 per cent. We are twice as likely to win when playing below 500 metres above sea level. And our chances of winning improve by a third when kicking off at three o’clock local time.”

He also went onto explain that penalties should be side-footed. Hawking and Paddy Power (both pictured below) received blanket coverage from Newsnight to the Telegraph for the calculations, while the accompanying #HawkingTalking trended worldwide on Wednesday.


Stephen Hawking and Paddy Power


And finally…

Comedian Chris Ramsey perfectly displayed how all celebrities should take advantage of their fame when he not only succeeded in getting Dominos to deliver him pizza on a train but also got #pizzaonatrain trending worldwide. The full exchange of tweets is well worth reading.