This Week in Digital…

Joseph Fitzpatrick

This week in digital


A social media app that launched an April Fools Day, which only lets you send the word Yo to your friends – literally nothing else, you tap a username to send a yo – has broken the $1million funding barrier this week and is now in the top 20 app lists. Maybe I’m missing something, but I really don’t get the attraction?



Canadian court orders Google to remove links

A Canadian court has ordered Google to delete all links to a business in the first example of a non-EU country supporting the right to be forgotten since the European Unions recent ruling. Google voluntarily removed links to the business through its .ca website but the courts injunction applies worldwide and the search engine has until the end of the month to follow suit with its global sites.

Nokia reportedly pay hackers millions

The Telegraph ran a story this week about Nokia allegedly paying hackers millions of euros in 2007. The cyber criminals reportedly hacked into Nokias phone system and then threatened to leak the phone company’s encryption key if they didn’t receive a few million euros. And where was this ransom left? In a car park of course, with the hackers escaping with the money despite being surrounded by police. Who knew such drama lay behind the 3310 et al.


 Labour turn heads with Owl policy tweet

Labour’s press team appeared to have announced a left-field new policy yesterday when they tweeted the below.

Labour owl tweet

Unfortunately the ornithological direction Ed Miliband looked to have steered the party down was in fact not real and the result of a hack.

Labour owl

Despite this The Today programme went as far to critically analyse the policy, rebuking it on the premise that 60 billion mice would be required to feed all these owls.

And finally…

The MailOnline has hired ex-BuzzFeed President Jon Steinberg as its North American CEO. One wonders whether this will now lead to the worlds most popular English news website adopting BuzzFeeds listicles; 18 reasons its all the immigrants fault, 25 celebrities who should have covered up on the beach, 11 sure signs Tony Blair is the actual devil reincarnate etc.