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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Brands Sink Their Teeth into Suarez

If you have been living under a rock this week, you may not know that Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, got a little peckish while playing for his home country of Uruguay at the World Cup on Tuesday and decided to have a bite of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez may have been officially punished yesterday by way of a four month ban from professional football, but brands were much quicker to jump on the band wagon.

Twitter went into overdrive in the moments after the incident, some of the best brand tweets are below – great examples of reactive, topical adverts that promoted viral sharing. More examples can be found here.



Twitter Tests

Twitter is constantly trying new features to enhance user engagement and react to user requests. This week, if you have ever been frustrated that you cant comment on a retweet without going over the 140 character limit, you may get a little excited about the new “Retweet with Comment” feature. Twitters Head of Communications, Carolyn Penner, showed off the new function which allows the retweet to be a picture and your comment can then take up most of the remaining 140 characters.



Google I/O 2014

Googles annual developers conference happened this week and outlined Googles plans for the next 12 months – some were expected others were a bit more left-field. A couple of the highlights are below – a more in-depth round up can be found here.

Android L

Google seem to have lost their sweet tooth with the announcement of their newest version of the Android operating system – no more Gingerbread, KitKat or Ice Cream Sandwiches – the newest system is simply called “L”. One of Ls biggest new features will be a joined up design language “Material Design” which will run across all Google products, a preview of which can be found in the video below:



Google Fit

In an attempt to take over every aspect of our lives, Google also announced its new platform Google Fit for tracking health and fitness information. It will make recommendations for you based on sensors in your phones and wearable tech, brands such as Adidas, Nike+ and HTC have already signed up as potential partners.

Authorship Is Written Out

Googles John Mueller announced this week that authorship is being simplified in order to “clean up the visual design of search results” across multiple devices and promote consistency. This has meant authorship profile pictures and Google+ circle count has been dropped. The dubious among us may be worried about a decrease in click-through rates but Google has made assurances that click-through behaviour on the new less-cluttered design is similar to the previous one.

Right To Be Forgotten Sets In

Google has started to overhaul its search result pages after the European Court of Justice ruling in May, which has meant some search results have had to be amended and links removed. This screenshot was taken from Max Mosely, Google search.


And finally…

Researchers are testing ways to make smarter ‘kill switches‘ for phones that will recognise if the phone is in the hands of a thief. Data will be gathered on how a user usually interacts with their phone from what apps they use at what time to how they hold their device. If unusual activity is detected, the mobile could cut off and be rendered useless. However, the issue of privacy will need to be dealt with before this kind of technology can really take off.