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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Emergency Phone and Internet Data Law to be PassediStock_000015983534XSmall

David Cameron is set to rush through emergency laws next week which will enable phone and internet companies to store data on their customers calls, texts and visits to websites. It is a reaction to regulations put in place by the European Court of Justice that will stop communications companies from holding data for police use for a year. The reason the law is being pushed through so quickly with all three main parties backing the change is because these companies will soon start deleting the data, which could be counter-productive for ongoing terrorism and national security investigations.

No More Using Scale and a Ruler

With Google Maps becoming ever more complex, long gone are the days when you would plan your route on an AA road map and calculate the distance using the scale and a ruler. But now you can use their new distance-measuring feature to determine the distance across your favourite park, great lakes of the world or whatever takes your fancy (it could be useful one day for the pub quiz), or if like Search Engine Land, you just want to get a bit creative and draw funny shapes with the new tool you can, instructions on how to use it can be found here.




More Reactive World Cup Marketing

Yes, the World Cup is still on, but only until Sunday if you are starting to lose interest. Tuesdays game, however, was filled with action with Germanys Fußballmannschaft (sorry, its my favourite German word) thrashing the Brazilians by seven goals to one. In the usual flurry of brand activity post-match, companies made the most of poking fun at the host nation. Paddy Powers tweet which pictured Brazilian player Neymar with a 7up can was genius and Tesco asked whether the pitch was tilted in Germany’s favour.


Want to Check Out the Cruise Liner Before You Go?

If you are thinking of booking a cruise holiday to the Mediterranean, then why not take a look around the worlds largest cruise liner, Royal Caribbean Internationals Allure of the Seas via Google Street View. On board you will find a surf simulator, a full high street, an ice rink and merry-go-round. The intention is it will give people researching their holiday a better view of whats on offer, take a look here.


Isis Rebrands

Isis the mobile wallet platform has been forced to rebrand this week as its brand has started to become associated with ISIS, the Islamic extremist group. The public perception of the brand has been tarnished and their SEO is also being negatively affected. For this reason they will be changing their name in the following months, but to what has yet to be announced.


And finally…

Google admitted it was wrong this week to stop linking to articles on the Guardian as part of the ongoing right to be forgotten ruling. In the first couple of months of implementation the search engine giant has made a few mistakes along the way due to the ambiguity of the new legislation which must remove links to inadequate, irrelevant or excessive content. The links have now been reinstated and Google has set up an advisory panel to help judge whether a link should be removed or not.