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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

French Blogger Fined for a Negative Review

When writing a restaurant review on your own blog, you may think that you are able to write what you want in the name of free speech. However one French blogger, Caroline Doudet, has been made to pay €1,500 (£1,200) in damages to a restaurant she had given a scathing review of. And the reason the judge ruled this way? Because the blog post appeared too prominently in the SERPs and was having a detrimental effect on the restaurants trade despite being in business for over fifteen years. In an interview with the BBC, Ms Doudet said: “This decision creates a new crime of ‘being too highly ranked [on a search engine]’, or of having too great an influence.”


Dukes Best and Last Day

*If you are feeling emotionally vulnerable then whatever you do, do not read this section.*

When Duke, the beloved Black Labrador of the Roberts family, was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, he had his leg removed in an attempt to cut out the tumour. Unfortunately, the tumour was not halted by this action and it continued to spread. Earlier this month his owner made the heart-breaking decision to put Duke to sleep to ease him of his pain.

So, the date was agreed upon as Monday 7th July, but before it happened the best doggy day imaginable played out. Duke ate hamburgers, played with friends and frolicked in a water park. A family friend captured the day in pictures and since Buzzfeed picked up the story it has since gone viral. The full set of pictures can be found here (Tissues at the ready).




Walmart Fights Back

When you are a huge corporate business, you will undoubtedly come under fire for your staff treatment and tax schemes at some point. But when the New York Journal took a stab at Walmart, the supermarket giant hit back by amending the article in a teacher-esque manner by questioning the journalists findings. The full response can be found on the Walmart blog.


Airbnbs Logo Causes a Stir

Airbnb has rebranded and overhauled its logo in the process. The trouble is initial reaction has been one of shock, sniggers and childish giggles, because it is seems to be an amalgamation of as many sexual organs and other parts of the human body as you can imagine. London based DesignStudio who were in charge of the rebrand said that that they didn’t notice – but the Twitterati certainly did.




Send Texts without Phone Signal

If you’re stranded in the Yorkshire Dales* without phone signal and you need to get in touch with someone quickly apart from waving your phone manically in the air or running to the nearest pub there isn’t a lot you can do. That is until now. A new startup called GoTenna reckons that its device will allow you to contact friends and family up to 50 miles away using low-energy Bluetooth technology even in areas of poor phone reception. The catch is – you both need one, they aren’t particularly cheap and it seems they are only available in the US and Canada at the moment. Pairs of the devices will be sold for $299.99 with eager beavers who pre-order getting them for $149.99.

*or any other destination without mobile phone reception


And Finally…

It wouldn’t be this week in digital if we didn’t mention something on the on-going right to be forgotten saga. Following in Googles footsteps, Bing has rolled out its own application form to block search result links in order to comply with the new European Court of Justice ruling.