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This week in digital

Google Gets 5-Star Rating

First seen in a test back in May, it is now official that product ratings and reviews will be seen on Google Product Listing Ads.

The update will only be available in the U.S. for now but is set to be rolled out in other countries in the coming months. Users in the U.S will begin to see the 5-star rating system appear on Product Listing Ads on Google search and Google Shopping.

Google Shopping ad ratings


The product Manager of Google Shopping, Mike Capsambelis, stated in the official announcement:

“We believe these ratings will help differentiate products across and and will help merchants drive more qualified traffic through Product Listing Ads.”

Read the full announcement here.

Businesses trading online in the U.S have until October to share all their review data with Google to allow for their ratings to appear in Product Listing Ads. Businesses who are wanting product ratings to be included in their PLAs will need to fill out Googles product ratings form.

Meow Chat Causes Controversy

This week the world was inundated with requests to download the social media app Meow Chat. Describing itself as a “fun way to chat and meet new friends”, Meow Chat is basically a cross between Tinder and WhatsApp.

You link up Meow Chat with your Facebook account and then you can chat to your existing friends by inviting them to join, (which surely is exactly the same as Facebook messenger) or you can find some new friends from around the world.

If you click ‘Random Chat’ you are put into a random chat room where you can Meow Chattalk screen568x568publicly and then eventually get to know people for a private chat. You can also ‘Explore’ where you can see what people nearby are up to and view their pictures, which you can then like or comment on.

Meow Chat has received a lot of negative criticism not just for the excessive amount of requests but also for the not so innocent chatters that are on there.

Online Reviews Gone Wrong

The Blue Sky Hostel in Glasgow is a popular choice with backpackers and advertises itself for people only aged between 18 to 35.

Louise Taylor, a support worker from Preston, visited Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and after spending £100 for two nights at Blue Sky, its safe to say she was not impressed.


Blue sky hostel


Louise decided to express her extreme disappointed in an online review which then provided a hilarious social media frenzy when the owner responded. Read the full conversation here, have your popcorn at the ready!

Google Should Not Forget

The House of Lords have publicly stated that they are against the European Unions ruling of Right to be Forgotten and are asking Google not to comply with it.

According to report from The Guardian the Lords committee said that Google should not meet the terms set by the European Court of Justice because it is unreasonable and unworkable. The committee has stated that Google should not allow for thousands of people to hide their past.

The co-writer of the report, Baroness Prashar, said that individuals should not have the right to get those information removed that are accurate, and also within the legal perspective, just for the reason that they don’t like it. We also believe that its wrong in principle to leave search engines themselves the task of deciding whether to delete information or not, based on vague, ambiguous and unhelpful criteria.

So far Google have agreed to delete the links for around half of the forms that have submitted, some of links deleted relate to crimes committed which could be classed as in the public’s interest. However it appears that the European Court of Justice don’t want the ruling to just remain in Europe and have suggested that it should be a global policy.

Instagram Launches Bolt

Social media apps are the hot topic this week with Instagram launching its latest app, Bolt. So far the app has only been launched in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

The Facebook owned company have used features from Facebooks Slingshot app and Snapchat. Users have to sign up using their phone number and can only add a select 20 friends that will go into their favourites list.

The app seems a lot like Snapchat just more limited as you are only able to send pictures and videos to one person at a time. Just like Snapchat users can respond to the messages with either text or photo replies and the messages will disappear when they are swiped away. Even though Bolt was created by Instagram the two apps will be completely separated, although as suggested so far Instagram will be advertising Bolt.

With the struggle of Slingshot and the fail of Poke, it seems like Facebook are determined to beat Snapchat.

And Finally…

Surrey police have hit back at Virgin media and Three mobile who are encouraging you to publicly brag while you are on holiday. Surrey police tweeted this picture showing the dangers of posting holiday pictures. Maybe we will see less hot-dog legs now!

Surrey Police

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