This Week in Digital…

Becky Grainger

This week in digital

Apple Blamed for Leaked Images

This week saw a breach of celebrities privacy as hundreds of nude pictures circulated the internet. Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst were among the numerous celebrities apparently shown in the pictures.

It is yet known how the images were obtained but the suspicions lie with Apples iCloud and Find my iPhone services. Anonymous users of 4Chan (where the images were originally uploaded) have stated that this is how the images were found but Apple have since denied the accusations. iCloud accounts allows users to synchronise pictures between devices and has been previously slated before for its not so secure security. Also a big thanks to The Daily Mail for kindly clarifying that iCloud is not an actual cloud!


Daily Mail



KLM Send Lucky Winners Across the Atlantic

Dutch airline, KLM, offered free airline tickets to whoever could do the perfect virtual high five. As part of their World Deal Week campaign, KLM placed two interactive screens in both New York and Amsterdam. The screens encouraged the general public in both cities to interact over the video screens. The aim was for the people in the two cities to complete the perfect high five. The winners of what sounds like a fairly simple task won a ticket to the opposing the city.


Baidu Rivals Google Glass

This week Chinese search engine Baidu have publicly revealed their competition to Google Glass. After Baidu Eye was first showcased at the Baidu World conference there has been numerous comparisons to Google Glass. However there are some differences, in that Baidu Eye has no screen or any display and looks a lot like you are wearing your glasses back to front.


Baidu eye


The device has an earpiece on the left arm and a camera on the right, the camera is rumoured to not only take pictures but actually distinguish and examine its surroundings. Mashable reported “Baidu Eye is able to sync information both visually (through smartphone, larger screen, less stress on eyes compared to the small visual display on Google Glass) and aurally.” You can read their full report here.

Unfortunately you can’t go rushing out to buy ‘Baidu Eye’ as it is still in the working prototype stage so there is no idea on when it will be available or the pricing.

Life is Better with Cake

The king of cakes, Mr. Kipling has unveiled a billboard that is good enough to eat (literally!) Consisting of 13,360 of individual exceedingly good cakes the billboard is situated at Westfield London in Shepherds Bush and is part of their larger campaign life is better with cake. Personally I hope this is the start of more delicious billboards (as long as you can eat them after!)


mr kipling

And finally…

In an aim to raise funds and support HIV and AIDS projects, dotHIV has created the domain ending .hiv. Titled the digital Red Ribbon this is the first time a Top-Level Domain has been created exclusively for a social cause. With the goal to end AIDS, dotHIV will be using the donations from the domain sale and they will also be donating a specific amount every time someone clicks on a .hiv website.