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Becky Grainger

This week in digital

Scotland Vote No

No guesses for what we are talking about this week, Scotland has voted to reject independence. The Scottish Independence Referendum has been the number one hot topic and has been tending on social media all week. Search engine Bing, offered predictions on the outcome throughout the week. They provided a mathematical estimate using Bing Predicts, which was also most recently used for the World Cup.

Bings blog explains exactly how they carried out the predictions, we start with the trends and sentiment determined from the web and social data, and we then adjust for biases and try to understand the true opinion expressed by a population most representing the actual voters themselves. You can read the full blog post here.

Google have been criticised for their lack of coverage of the vote and for not presenting anything special. Google are known for their different presentations and have recently done long running campaigns for the World Cup and the Olympics and for the 2012 US elections. Below is an example of the rather plain looking SERP results when searching ‘Scotland vote.’


google scotland

 iPhone 6 Mania

This week saw the world once again going iPhone crazy, with thousands and thousands of people queuing outside stores worldwide. Definitely the best moment of the whole iPhone 6 coverage is when one of the first iPhones to be sold in Perth was dropped on the floor. To make it worse he was on live TV and will probably now become a viral sensation.

Another blow for iPhone lovers was the collapse of phones 4U, the news came just three days after thousands of orders were placed for the iPhone 6. Phones 4U have confirmed that all pre-orders will now be cancelled and payments will be refunded.

DuckDuckGo available on iOS 8

Following on from the iPhone hype, search engine DuckDuckGo will be available as an option for your default search engine on Apples iOS 8. Apple has stated that the iOS update is the biggest update to its mobile operating system since the addition of the App Store.




DuckDuckGos main aim is to deliver a search engine with smarter answers and real privacy to as many people as possible. DuckDuckGo gives users the ability to browse securely without your history being tracked. In attempt to compete with Google, DuckDuckGo is against data collection and doesn’t track your IP address and doesn’t save your search history. The search engine has also set up a tour that offers users to learn more and how to get the best out of the service.

Double Hundred Dozen

Krispy Kreme have created a feast to say the least to promote the fact that they now do big occasion orders. Well known for their Double Dozen doughnuts they have multiplied this by a hundred, to create the Krispy Kreme Double Hundred Dozen. To be in with a chance of winning the largest box of doughnuts and being the most popular person in the office all you have to do is tweet @KrispyKreme with the name of your business and the #BigOccasion.


krispy kreme

And Finally…

The Right to be Forgotten ruling is back in the press as European regulators have agreed on set rules and criteria that will be used to evaluate every appeal. It is yet known the specifics of the guidelines as they will not be finalised until November but it does raise the question of why they weren’t created before the ruling was put in place.