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Becky Grainger

This week in digital

How’s Adam?

This week saw the most talked about, most dragged out soap story line ever. Unless you have been living under a rock you will have seen the ‘who killed Lucy Beale’ story. Over the course of Thursday night over a million tweets were sent, making it the most tweeted-about episode of a UK soap. According to Digital Spy in the final minute when Bobby was revealed as the true killer there were 32,638 tweets.

All of the Eastender’s episodes this week have featured live sections, in celebration of their 30th anniversary. During one of the episodes one of the actors, Jo Joyner, awkwardly fluffed her lines after she called character Ian Beale by his real name Adam. The slip-up has caused an internet storm with a mass of memes and tweets.


adam beale adam beale

Even co-star Jake Wood got involved…jake wood

Jamie Oliver Website Hacked

The official site of TV chef Jamie Oliver has been compromised by hackers issusing malicious files to visitors. has an average of 10m visits per month and visitors were shown another website which had been embedded directly into the site which then attacked the user’s computers through bugs in Silverlight, Java and Flash. Hackers were then able to install malware to the computers and potentially install further malicious software. Security firm, Malware Bytes, spotted the attack and alerted the site operators. The site has now been restored and cleaned of any malicious files, it is yet unknown how many people were victims to the hacking.

Barnardo’s Admit to Paying Made in Chelsea Star

Children’s charity Barnardo’s have been under fire this week after it was revealed that they paid Made in Chelsea star, Binky Felstead, £3,000 to help promote their Instagram account. Originally it was reported by The Sun newspaper that Binky was paid £20,000 to work for the charity but Barnado’s have denied this and stated that the campaign was a way of “testing the impact of a popular celebrity” in a hope to appeal to wider audience. The statement then went on to say that; “This is the first time we had agreed to pay a celebrity for a retail campaign,” read the statement. “We have had to postpone some previous retail campaigns as we have been unable to secure the right celebrity backing. This was a way of testing the impact of a popular celebrity in order to appeal to a new, wider audience. This was not a decision we took lightly”. Since the backlash Binky has also revealed that she was always planning to donate the fee to another charity.

Rude Commuter Experiences Interview Karma

This commuter will probably think twice about who he is rude to, after pushing past a fellow passenger on the tube and telling him to go ‘F himself’ to then later discover that said passenger was the head of recruitment and would be interviewing him. Matt Buckland shared the awkward situation on Twitter which got over 15,000 retweets.

matt buckland

And Finally…

This week, Facebook announced the launch of a new advertising feature called Product ads, which appear to be a rival to Google’s Shopping ads. Facebook’s Product ads allows brands to advertise multiple products at one time and gives them the option to display a catalog of products. The ads can be created to target different products to the most relevant audiences.