This Week in Digital…

Becky Grainger

This week in digital


This week saw the Brit awards and it goes without saying the biggest story of the night was Madonna’s spectacular cape failing. The extremely awkward fall caused the internet to respond in masses and helped the Brits to have the biggest social media engagement to date. Here is a selection of some of our favourite Madonna memes:




Despite falling over in front of millions of people, Madonna carried on the show and later posted on Instagram that her cape was tied too tight (I would hate to be the stylist who did that).


Kanye Causes More Twitter Complaints

Alongside Madonna’s cape disaster, Kanye West also caused a Twitter storm after visiting the local Nando’s for some pre-show chicken. He then stood on his table to allow fans to take pictures of him so he could then dine in peace. Nandos quickly jumped on the PR opportunity.kanyeIt then went downhill during his performance when it was slated after the majority of the song was muted due to excessive swearing and use of offensive language. Despite ITV’s best effort they weren’t able to mute all of the bad words and viewers took to social media to complain.

Oscars At A 6 Year Low

Whilst we are on awards, this week also saw the 87th Academy Awards and despite it being full of the world’s biggest superstars there appears to be very little showbiz gossip. The awards suffered from a 16% audience drop and was the lowest since Hugh Jackman hosted the show back in 2009. The host this year, Neil Patrick Harris, saw viewing figures of 36.3 million compared to last year when Ellen DeGeneres saw a record 43.7 million viewers. According to data from Nielsen, social media engagement was also significantly down this year despite the host stripping his clothes off at one point.

Facebook Launches Suicide Alert Software

Facebook has launched a new system that will try to help identify when users are having suicidal thoughts. After a report suggested that Facebook may indicate signs of suicidal feelings, the social media site has now developed software that will provide the user with suicide prevention resources. In an official blog post it stated; “keeping you safe is our most important responsibility on Facebook. Today, at our fifth Compassion Research Day, we announced updated tools that provide more resources, advice and support to people who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts and their concerned friends and family members.”


And Finally…

Apple have announced that with the update of iOS 8.3 there will be an additional 300 emojis added to your keyboard. With much criticism over the lack of diverse emojis, Apple have responded by adding more same-sex realtionship emojis and ones reflecting different races.emoji