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Sasha Hanau

This week in digital

#TheDress Sensation Continues for Good Causes

If you haven’t heard about ‘the dress’ yet then I’d be surprised. It has been the biggest viral sensation in fashion for some time. #blackandblue and #goldandwhite have been trending worldwide for the last two weeks.

While BuzzFeed found 32% of its 3.4 million voters saw blue and black, more than double saw gold and white despite the real dress, made by Roman Originals, actually being blue with black trim. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift have been commenting on it.

There has been a host of brands hijacking the success of the dress, including Oreo and Fiat….

OreoFiat Launch The Gold & White (Black & Blue) Car

However the campaign that’s stood out as a clear winner for the best use of this viral phenomenon was this campaign from The Salvation Army in South Africa:


Salvation Army #blackandblue


The advert asks the audience: “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” and the caption underneath reads: “The only illusion is if you think it was her choice.” The campaign tied in succinctly with International Women’s Day which took place on 8th March.

The Salvation Army campaign is not the only charity making the most of ‘the dress’. A white and gold version of the garment has been specially manufactured for Comic Relief and is on sale on eBay. Already in excess of £640, it’s no doubt people will be clambering to get a piece of the most well-known dress in fashion right now.

Valentino Causes a Stir at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion designer Valentino closed Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday this week with a surprise appearance from no other than Derek Zoolander.

Paris Fashion Week Closed by Zoolander

In a bid to promote the release of the second Zoolander film after a long break, Zoolander strutted his stuff on a real catwalk sporting Valentino, set to the song ‘Do You Want Me’. Undoubtedly, no one saw that coming even after Paramount announced the new film was set for release in 2016 on Twitter on Tuesday.


To celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, Penguin Books launched its somewhat dubious social media campaign using the hashtag #YourMum.


Whether it was a PR ploy or a campaign genuinely no one at Penguin saw going wrong, it didn’t take the Twitter sphere long to respond with a barrage of ‘YourMum’ related jokes…

Penguin 'YourMum' Hastag Backfires
Even Waterstones chipped in on social media tweeting Penguin: ‘You’re braver than we are, Penguin’! Penguin realised their error later on, responding with:

Penguin #YourMum fail

Apple releases the Apple Watch

At long last, Apple has finally unveiled its Apple Watch at its ‘Spring Forward’ event in San Francisco. The wearable technology comes in two sizes, and in a range of three models, the ‘Standard’, ‘Sport’ and the ‘Edition’ which range from $349-399. Both face displays and straps will be fully customisable.

For the flush among us, there is an 18-carat gold edition starts at $10,000 and comes with a selection of bands. Attracting criticism for its battery life (only 18 hours) and limited functionality, there’s no doubt there will still be long queue at Apple stores on 24th April when the first watches go on sale!

And finally…

Residents in Hamburg, Germany have come up with a creative way to deter people from urinating in public places. Coating the walls in the neighbourhood with a super hydrophobic (water repellent) coating, residents can sleep well at night knowing when when anybody pees on the walls, their urine will be splashing right back at them!
The video posted on YouTube attracted 181,000 views on its first day alone. Signs have gone up reading ‘Do not pee here! We pee back!’ Brilliant!

Beware 'We Pee Back'