This Week in Digital…

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Thunderbirds Are Go…

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to use up your unwanted washing up liquid bottles and egg boxes, then why not make your own Tracy Island, Blue Peter-style, to celebrate the re-launch of everyone’s childhood favourite, Thunderbirds, to our television screens. As a PR stunt to launch the return of the show, a 15ft bright yellow underwater rescue vehicle (Thunderbird 4) was seen whizzing past commuters on the Thames taking in landmarks including Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. But if you’re waiting to see your favourite puppet characters spring into action, then you may be disappointed to hear that the new series has ditched the puppets in favour of CGI.



London Underground Goes Digital

Adverts in London’s many tube stations are nothing new, commuters are met with a barrage of adverts on their journeys every day. However, as the digital world takes over more and more, 15 stations will be receiving 2 new 11 square metre screens with DX3 technology each. These new screens will allow advertisers to tailor content to audiences based on different times of the day and location.



In-store Retailers Missing Out On Useable Tech Market

According to YouGov research published this week, bricks and mortar stores are missing out on a large proportion of the wearable tech purchases with 62% of current wearable technology owners having bought their device online (Amazon has cleaned up with 31% of these). Russell Feldman, director at YouGov has suggested that stores need to collectively decide where this technology sits in their stores for example, do the iWatches sit with the timepieces or iPads?

And Finally…

Greater Manchester Police show their softer side for charity

GMP has released a video as a spoof version the popular Cadbury’s “I Can Boogie” advert featuring Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahey. The video which has been shared nearly 2,000 times already on Facebook has been made to raise awareness and money for local charity, Forever Manchester. To make a donation to the cause visit the charity’s website here and watch the video below.