This Week in Digital…

Tess Brumwell-Gaze

This week in digital

Fancy a Poster Pint?

Carlsberg created what they called ‘probably the best poster in the world’, a poster which dispensed lager to passers-by. A security guard was present to keep the unconventional tap in check, and Londoners enjoyed a pint on their walk through the city.

Time to Get Phone Friendly

Google’s mobile-friendly calling is nigh (April 21st), so all companies must ensure their site has large text, easy-to-click links and responsive design. You can find out the exact demands of a mobile-friendly website, and put your URL through the checker here. Mobile marketing company Somo underwent research to find out the potential losers in Google’s imminent update, with MI5, Nintendo and Channel 4 being just some of the companies set to drop in mobile rankings if they don’t act super quickly.

Bad Week For…

…Election Posters  

As the election campaign continues, UKIP’s promotion posters have been the target of jokes. Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall was left red in the face after a campaign poster aimed to show off his sizeable library. Unfortunately, somebody had done a shoddy job of using Photoshop, so it didn’t take Twitter users long to discover and humiliate his clearly photoshopped book collection.



…The Environment

The Guardian shocked us this week with some impactful data on the state of global fossil fuel consumption. With an effective use of content marketing, you can find out how much oil and coal has been used since you were born, and share your results with your Twitter followers. Almost 9,000 have already shared the barrel burning content.