This Week in Digital…

Joe Hill

Senior Programmatic Account Manager

This week in digital

Television Remains King

TV debates and interviews had the greatest influence on voting intentions, research found this week. Although marketers now favour digital to spread their message, the study, by FTI Consulting, found that public opinion is still heavily influenced by the box. This explains why huge brands like Coca Cola, O2, and Apple still value TV adverts, despite the overheads.

BrewDog‘s Crowdfunding Raises Five Million

Controversial brand BrewDog hit headlines again this week after revealing that they raised £5million in a crowdfunding project in just 20 days. “It’s proof that there is a thirst for alternative finance out there, and that people are sick and tired of the fat cats controlling everyone’s money,” said BrewDog co-founder James Watt in a controversial statement. To celebrate, they dropped dozens of cats from a helicopter. As you do.


Channel 4 Fools Viewers

In light of new television series ‘Humans’ Channel 4 aired a commercial over the weekend for Persona Synthetics, a company claiming to sell super-realistic cyborgs. Quickly going viral, viewers took to Twitter to express their confusion and anxiety over the ad.

Brands on Election Day

Now the Election Day buzz has calmed down, we take a look at the creative minds that tried to put their brand in the spotlight.

Paddy Power stuck to what they know best and chose controversy to push brand awareness. Supporting the anti-Conservative crowd, they were calling for David Cameron’s dismissal in the morning.



Mr Kipling took a lighter approach, instead choosing to demonise biscuits.



Wicks chose to play with party colours, promoting an offer they currently have in-store.