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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital


If you have been strolling along the Thames this week, you may have been met by a floating house – complete with two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and even a garden complete with dog kennel. It is all part of airbnb’s latest marketing campaign to highlight the recent passing of the Deregulation Act which means Londoner’s are free to rent their properties out for up to 90 days a year without the fear of fines or having to apply for planning permission. Alongside the stunt the company ran a competition for one lucky winner to bring along three friends for an overnight stay in the capital’s latest hotspot accompanied by a meal cooked by a Michelin starred chef.





How (Sun) Safe is Your WiFi?

If you are a charity trying to raise awareness of the dangers of spending too much time in the sun – how do you tempt sun worshippers on a beach out of the sun? Answer – by offering them free wifi only in the shady confines of a giant tower. The Peruvian League Against Cancer has set up a huge tower on the Playa Agua Dulce in Spain which when users log on they are greeted with information about preventing cancer.shade-tower-wifi-hed-2015

Emoji is the Fastest Growing Language

monkeyAccording to a recent study by Talk Talk, the fastest growing language in the UK is Emoji. 62% of people claim to use them more than they did a year ago and 80% use them regularly. Four in ten people have sent messages containing only these ever popular symbols. Personally, I’m surprised this number isn’t higher – who doesn’t prefer an “oops monkey” to describing the sentiment?


Hide My Ass Makes Founder a Multi-Millionairehma

So if you haven’t heard of Hide My Ass before, it is not a photoshop tool for hiding an unfortunately sized derriere in photos (although someone should invent this), but an online VPN service which allows you to view blocked content online. This week Hide My Ass’ founder, Jack Cator, sold the company for £40 million, which isn’t bad for a company that Cator only set up to enable him and his friends to get around blocked content at his school when he was aged 16.

And Finally…

Twitter has teamed up with Google to show real-time content to internet searchers. Currently this is only available in the US and to those who use a mobile browser or the Google app but it is due to be rolled out to desktop searchers and other countries shortly.