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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Wedding Etiquette Fail

It’s the one day you want to be all about you and your partner. So when one of your guests decides to upstage you both by proposing to their girlfriend whilst stood right in front of your top table, this is something most brides would freak out at. A picture taken of one unknown couple who experienced just this has gone viral on Imgur and Reddit, it has currently been viewed 2 million times and received over 1,500 comments. 

Comments include ‘Her smiles says “congratulations”, her eyes say “that b**ch”,’ whilst someone else suggested: “just announce your pregnancy at the wedding. Fire with fire, yo!”

Memes like the one below are already spreading around other social media channels. 




Twitter Storms Galore

This week JK Rowling, Jay Z and Beyonce have all been making the news for their tweets or tweets aimed at them. 

JK Rowling upset the Westboro Baptist Church this week after suggesting that should her character Dumbledore be in a gay relationship with Lord of the Ring’s wizard Gandalf they would get married in Ireland after they legalised same sex marriages. This did not go down well with the group who said they would picket the wedding – JK Rowling’s response was amazing. 




Jay Z and Beyonce were targeted on Twitter this week for the lack of ethnic diversity in a picture of the staff at Tidal, the subscription based music streaming site which is owned by the rapper. However, it was later pointed out that the picture was taken in one of the company’s Norwegian offices, a country where 97% of the population is white according to recent census figures. 




Google Adds “Buy” Button to Search

Google is to take on the likes of Amazon and Ebay by adding a buy button to their Google Shopping adverts that currently display alongside the search results. This would mean that having found a product on Google Shopping you would not need to click into the supplier’s site to finish your purchase. Google hopes this will stop searchers going straight to the likes of Amazon to search for their wanted product. This new feature should be available for retailers very soon as the company’s chief business officer, Omid Kordestani, said on stage at the Code Conference on Wednesday that it will happen “imminently”. 

And Finally…

I’m sure plenty of restaurant and hotel owners worldwide have always wanted to reply to a scathing review on TripAdvisor with honesty but have probably refrained in order to keep the peace. However, one Aberdeen restaurant owner replied brilliantly to one unhappy customer at his restaurant which has been picked up by the news this week.