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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Google – a dieters best friend?

On Monday Google announced that as part of their app, you can now search for your favourite snacks and meals at large fast food chains to see how many calories they are – beware it could be rather depressing. So if you’re currently trying to get fit for your summer holidays this might just give you the harsh reality you need to dodge the stodge or at least make a slightly healthier choice.

 Google calories


Can You Control Your TV With Your Mind?

The BBC revealed this week that they have developed a new headset which allows users to control their television using their minds alone. In partnership with Technology company, This Place, the headset, which is able to detect brainwaves, is hoped to be used to help people with disabilities be able to enjoy television more independently in the future. As you’ll be able to see from the video below, some users found it harder than others to use, but they were all able to do it in the end. 


Breakup Goes Viral

So, you’ve been married for twelve years and the dividing up your worldly possessions into two neat quantities can be pretty painful. A German husband who has been left scarred by his breakup has decided to literally give his ex-wife half of his possessions – by cutting them in two. The video posted on YouTube on Tuesday has been viewed over 1 million times already, “thank you for the 12 “beautiful” years, Laura. You’ve really earned half.” One half of the items has been delivered to his ex whilst his half of the items are currently available to buy on ebay if you’re interested?


And Finally…

Chris Evans was revealed as the new Top Gear presenter this week and Twitter went pretty crazy for it – even Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar got in on the act. This news was then followed by an announcement that the BBC are going to be holding open public auditions to find a co-host – time will tell whether this is just a publicity stunt to promote the new line-up.