This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

2 New Notifications from Facebook

This week Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the future of the social media site is telepathy (I’m not kidding). Speaking this week on the social network’s future as he sees it, we will soon be able to send updates and messages to our Facebook friends using our mind power alone. Is it just me, or does this worry you? I’m thinking how easy it would be to accidentally message a friend saying “I really don’t like that dress”… awkward. 

In other Facebook news, the company’s logo has changed – ever so slightly. Brand New quotes Josh Higgins, Facebook creative director, as saying: “When Facebook’s logo was first created in 2005, the company was just getting started and we wanted the logo to feel grown up and to be taken seriously.

“Now that we are established, we set out to modernise the logo to make it feel more friendly and approachable. While we explored many directions, ultimately we decided that we only needed an update, and not a full redesign.”



The Robot’s are Coming

If Channel 4’s new drama “Humans” all seems a bit too far fetched, you may find that the technology is actually far more advanced than you might have imagined. If you haven’t heard of Bina48, she is a robot designed to test whether a machine can really replicate a human conscience and decisions. It was created by Martine Rothblatt and the robot has been modelled on his wife Bina using her memories and beliefs. 

In an interview this week with Bina48 and marketing and creative agency Iris, you’ll see that there is certainly a very human side to her. When asked “do you ever wish you could go shopping?” She answered “Sure, I like to shop as much as the next girl.”


Do you love burgers this much?

Not many people say they hate burgers. However, a burger tattoo is probably a step too far for most people. Well, Burger King found five people around the world who love the humble burger so much that they have a tattoo of it. The chosen five were invited to Sao Paulo where they were able to taste the Big King. After they had the burger they were asked whether they were willing to have their tattoo altered so that it included grill marks and and a crown to replicate their brand. 


And Finally…

If you’re a fan of Reddit and have found that some of your favourite sub-reddits have been suspiciously locked, it is because their employee Victoria Taylor who was in charge of the popular AMA (ask me anything) and interviewed celebrities has been sacked and the community has revolted. Many  of the site’s followers have said that they will abandon the site for rivals like Voat and Frizbee.