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Hayley Smith

This week in digital

Who is jumping on the #tubestrike bandwagon?

This week Londoner’s have been subject of one of the largest tube strikes yet, on some days seeing the entire underground network shutdown, leaving many disgruntled commuters trundling home from work or crammed onto buses. Uber taxi’s have come under fire after fares tripled at peak travel titubemes, they have been accused of “cashing in” on commuter misery. Sure used #tubestrike in the following tweet to unashamedly promote their brand; “Walking in or crammed on a bus? Don’t stress, go that extra mile with confidence. We won’t let you down”. In a more positive effort Fitness First gyms have thrown open their door’s to anyone with an Oyster card offering free showers and gym classes. They have encouraged commuters to come and work out rather than get worked up, pass the dumbbells. 

Love your Iphone

Apple have released two ad campaigns this week aimed at current iPhone fans as opposed to new customers. One of the advert’s titled ‘This is an iPhone‘ focuses on the technology and craftsmanship of it’s hardware and software, the other titled ‘Loved‘ evidently shows how much iPhone owners love their iPhones. The adverts shine a limelight on iPhones current features and show how best to use them, such as the in-built camera for capturing family get togethers. The accompanying tagline ‘If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone’ simply adds fuel to the iPhone fanbase and encourages a world where the less tech-savvy refer to all smartphones as iPhones, the way a tissue is called a Kleenex in the US. 

Which colour matches this shoe?

An innocepurple nailsnt tweet posted by young fashionista @totallymendes on Wednesday has gone viral and is dividing twitter in two. “Which color matches the shoes the best?” is strikingly similar to the colour mind-bender caused by the ‘White & Gold’ or ‘Blue & Black’ dress (#dressgate). Fourteen year old Ava Munro (@totallymendes) has now been on the radio and the news after being retweeted 7,000 times within the space of a day. Twitter users are debating the subtleties of the colour purple, and how it differs from magenta and plum. Which would you choose?



Prime day will rival Black Friday 

On July 15th Amazon will be hosting “Prime Day”, a one day shopping extravaganza to rival the likes of Black Friday, minus the queues and the handbags. Prime Day is being held to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary and is for Amazon Prime members only. Beyond the anniversary celebration is an effort to increase the number of prime subscribers, who are the most loyal and engaged Amazon shoppers according to Analysts. Amazon Prime will be expanding there range of benefits and offering free two-day shipping. 

And Finally…

Tennis fans at Wimbledon this week were treated to the ultimate nature-calling experience courtesy of Bathstore. The portable lavatory was decked out with real AstroTurf, tennis memorabilia and a radio streaming match commentary. The cherry (or Strawberry) on the cake feature gave the QLoo a strawberries and cream room fragrance. For a chance to use the QLoo you were asked to tweet @bathstore using #QLoo and the team would make their way to you in the tournament queue. The portaloo was manned by racket wielding ball boys and girls who held your place in the queue whilst you used the facilities.