This Week in Digital

Hayley Smith

This week in digital

Airbnb asks ‘Are we good?’

Airbnb is in the public eye once again, this time for its biggest global campaign to date. The slow motion video ‘Is Mankind?’ shows an innocent baby in a darkened corridor precariously making its way towards the front door. In the background, Angela Bassett whispers a deep and emotive poem that questions mankind’s very nature and encourages the viewer to step outside and discover this for themselves. Some have taken the video literally, perceiving that we the viewers are all simply over-grown infants wobbling through life. Others have found the video pretentious and slightly creepy, which isn’t surprising when you take the lines out of context: “Sleep in their beds, so you may know their dreams”. What do you think the video means?


Amazon’s weird Prime Day

Last week, Amazon Prime was set for a 24-hour shopping extravaganza that was pipped to rival the notorious Black Friday. Prime members eagerly waited for their chance to purchase high quality goods at discounted rates, but were disappointed when they learned it was more of a warehouse clear-out than a premium shopping opportunity. Twitter users were quick to turn on Prime Day, making the discovery of the strange items on offer into a #WeirdPrimeDay competition. Crocs, a unicorn pogo toy and a signed photo of the Goonies cast  were among the odd selection of items on sale, but the winner of the Twitter tirade has to go to @Kylebunch…

weird prime sale


Cash, card or phone?

Apple Pay is now available to use on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. The auto-payment technology was released in the US last October and allows users to tap their phones on contactless card machines, as done with most bank cards. The technology will help cut down on the number of items a person needs to carry and, though there is a limit of £20 per purchase, this is soon to be increased to £30.

All the major banks are participating in the scheme, with Barclays coming on board later this year. However, issues with security, privacy and usability have already been raised. Transport For London is warning tube users to ensure they have enough battery on their phones to tap in and out of their journey. With a flat battery, commuters could be faced with maximum fares and penalty charges!

apple pay


And Finally…

Harvey Nichols isn’t shy of controversy when it comes to its advertising campaigns. This week, the retailer released an advert using authentic CCTV footage of shoplifters at large in its Knightsbridge store. The campaign promotes its new Rewards App and is aimed towards the vast majority who enjoy a free gift or giveaway. ‘Love Freebies? Get them legally’. The controversial campaign protects the thieves’ identities by obscuring their faces with comical emoji’s. Some suspect the campaign might also help deter would-be shoplifters. Ben Tollett, executive creative director at Adam&Eve DDB, who produced the campaign added: “This campaign is designed to send a clear warning to the nation’s shoplifters. The only free thing they’ll get when they steal from Harvey Nichols is a day trip to the local police station.” In contrast to the video is a glossy print campaign using models rushing past security with their stolen goods.