This Week in Digital

Hayley Smith

This week in digital

What’s your flavour?

icecream 1American ice cream brand Talenti has launched an app that churns your social media profiles into ice cream. Flavorize.Me picks out content in your tweets and posts before transforming you into an ice cream flavour with a mixture of sweet, salty and spicy ingredients. The most imaginative creations are sent to the Talenti test lab where you, in ice cream form, have a chance to make it into production.icecream 2

Uber ice cream is also back today and will be delivering gelato through the usual taxi app procedure. Open the app in your phone between the hours of 11am – 5pm today, set your location and request ICECREAM. #UberIceCream will be operating in 254 cities, 59 countries and 6 continents. Cue a worldwide brain freeze! 

Twitter Frat Party

An employee at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters annoyed Global Tech Women after tweeting this image earlier this week. The snap revealed parts of the office decked out in pyramids of Dixie cups, beer kegs, pizza boxes and a ‘Twitter Frat House’ poster. The content was quickly removed, but not before Global Tech Women had captured and retweeted for all to see.

Twitter has since issued an apology for the party theme’s poor taste which highlights the diversity issue seen in many Silicon Valley tech companies. “This social event organised by one team was in poor taste at best, and not reflective of the culture we are building here at Twitter” said a Twitter spokesperson.

In the last 18 months, Twitter, Apple and Amazon have disclosed diversity reports on minorities in the workplace. Twitter itself had just 30% female staff globally, which dropped when it came to women in technical and leadership roles.

twitter frat party

The rise of the moralist hacker

Security was breached this week on dating site, Ashley Madison. Hackers are threatening to release the names and addresses of its 37 million users if its parent company Avid Life Media doesn’tcheaters immediately shut down the site. The Canadian website, which encourages people to cheat – ‘Life is short. Have an affair’ – has understandably had a mixed response to the threat, with many glad of the potential leak. Hackers have also highlighted that prior users who have paid Ashley Madison a fee to permanently delete their accounts actually still have all their details in the system. It is suspected that the security breach was an inside job and is part of a rise in the moralist hacker.

And Finally…

Unsuspecting visitors to Irving Farm Coffee Roasters on New York’s Lower East Side were treated to more than an eyeful when ordering their morning cup o’ joe. Model baristas covered from head to toe in nothing but body paint offered their au naturel hospitality to promote Nestlé’s new Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss cream. The video records the shocked and bemused reactions of customers as they figure out what’s going on in their hazy morning state. “We are surprisingly natural, as is our creamer,” a female barista explained. “This is like the best Friday I’ve had in a long time” one customer remarked.