This Week in Digital

Hayley Smith

This week in digital

The drones are coming

Mutant superpowers are usually only seen in action on our screens but thanks to The Fantastic Four film release, a human shaped drone was set on fire to create a real-life human torch. The drone was unleashed in Nassau County’s Fire Service Academy in Long Island where 10 firefighters and two chiefs were on hand to ensure the stunt went off without a hitch.

Facebook has revealed its solar-powered drone. The boomerang-shaped contraption, named Aquila, will help under-developed countries have access to the internet. The company’s long-term goal envisions hundreds of drones circling at an altitude of 60,000 feet for three months at a time, sending information to systems in place on the ground.   

Don’t Mention it

Facebook has launched a live video function that lets public figures with verified accounts broadcast live video to their Facebook pages. The Mentions app lets athletes, musicians, politicians and other stars talk to their fans and to each other. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ricky Gervais were among the first to broadcast live with Johnson broadcasting from his Iron Paradise gym and Gervais opting for a video in the bathtub. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch a live broadcast you can watch it later on the public figures’ pages, although stars do have the option to remove the video after broadcasting.


02 get tails wagging!O2 priority

This Monday 02 showed us what life’s like on Priority by delivering thousands of treats to Priority users across the country. Twitter users had the opportunity to boast about their goodies using the hashtag #WaggyTails. Treats included pizza, ice cream, cookies and cinema tickets, with each treat delivered with a fluffy tail, the best snaps had the chance to win a pair of VIP memberships to the 02.


Shh Windows 10 has arrived

WinWindows 10dows 10 launched this week on millions of computers. Compared to the midnight store openings and Rolling Stones ad campaigns of previous launches, it seems Microsoft is opting for a subtle roll-out with this update. Windows 10 is free to download within the next year and has brought back the familiar start-up menu which it unceremoniously scrapped in the Windows 8 update. Microsoft’s biggest problem is that its software is only for computers. Two billion people worldwide are using Apple iPhones or smartphones with Google’s Android software, easily outnumbering the 1.5bn PCs in use.    


And Finally…

Selfies are a worldwide phenomenon, with Britons alone taking an alleged 1.2 billion selfies a year according to OSelfiesfcom. Further to that, one in 10 Britons are photographing themselves at least once a week, but why are we so fascinated with our own faces?

Richard Prince, a New York based artist, has revealed his most recent exhibition ‘New Portraits’. The collection displays photographs taken directly from Instagram accounts. The subjects are a random mix with a few celebrity profiles thrown in for good measure, such as Kate Moss, Sky Ferreira, Pamela Anderson and Taylor Swift. The portraits are accompanied by unusual, emoji-annotated captions written by Prince. Controversially some of these selfies have sold for over $100,000!