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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Dislike the dislike button?

This week Mark Zuckerberg announced that the long-awaited “dislike” button is to be added to the world’s most popular social media site. This is in response to the hundreds of requests the social giant has received to incorporate this function into their interface. The main aim of the button is to show empathy for people who post news that seems insensitive to “like”. However, initial reaction is very mixed with a lot of people feeling the new button could be used as a way for online trolls to bully their victims. 

In other Facebook news, it was also announced (yet has been overlooked by the button debate) that our UK news feed could start to see posts about missing children in your area as a way to raise awareness and try to return them safely to their family as quickly as possible. This follows a launch earlier in the year to the US and Canada. 

Rugby World Cup Campaigns

As the Rugby World Cup starts tonight in England, we thought it apt that we bring you a few of our favourite campaigns we’ve found that have latched on to the sporting event.


In amongst the wealth of campaigns that just look to jump on the rugby bandwagon, this campaign from the NHS’ Blood and Transplant department is raising awareness of a very important issue – giving blood. With the slogan “we need a different type of hero” the campaign aims to get 100,000 people registered to give blood in the space of the world cup. With ex-England rugby pros such as Jonny Wilkinson behind the campaign it is bound to be a hit. If you fancy taking a look at the campaign and maybe even signing up, click here. 

Wear the RoseLaura - O2

O2 is the official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup and has gone all out to make a digital campaign that promotes camaraderie and pride in our national team. Their interactive website encourages you to create a character and “wear the rose (mine is on the right) which you can then share on social media and show your support. 

Made of More

Guinness has used the World Cup to make two poignant ads that show a much softer side to the sport depicting rugby heros Gareth Thomas and South African Ashwin Willemse sharing their personal stories of struggle. Ex-Welsh international Thomas talks about his battle with his own sexuality and the second with Willemse features his troubled past and how he became a part of a notorious Cape Town gang. 

And Finally…

Coca-Cola has become the first brand to receive their own dedicated Twitter emoji. Simply by using the hashtag #ShareaCoke two small glass bottles with red labels will appear in the tweet. Twitter has tweeted that it is so that they can set the record for the largest cheers.

coke tweet