This Week in Digital | 4th Sept 2015

Sasha Hanau

Industry News

Google gets a facelift

This week saw Google reveal its new logo – the first complete facelift its logo has had in 16 years! The old-style serif font logo, which has remained relatively unchanged apart from minor tweaks in the past, is now animated and adapts to the users written and voice searches. It’s attracted mixed responses, but we think it’s pretty cool!

In addition to updating its logo, Google announced it is also rolling out updates to its mobile SERPs and app functionality. As part of a huge brand overhaul, Google are also promoting their latest evolution video marking the occasion.

Listerine allows people to ‘feel a smile’

Listerine has created a rather unusual app – one that helps blind people to ‘feel a smile’. The fun application can read the face via facial recognition technology, and vibrates when it detects a smile, helping the blind or visually impaired to know when someone is smiling at them.

The innovative app has been endorsed by the RNIB and the touching short film released shows four blind people experiencing the ability to literally ‘feel a smile’ for the first time.  

Following their ‘Power of a Smile’ campaign for ‘Advanced White’, the new campaign is strongly aligned in a bid to engage a new, younger audience and may well be hitting your Facebook feed very soon. 

Burger King has the last laugh

Burger King's final please to McDFollowing on from last week’s stories, Burger King has so far failed to get McDonalds on board with its Peace Day burger. However the burger giant has teamed forces with four other major US burger brands, taking the chance to remind Maccy D’s just what they are missing.

The opportunity was received with open arms by fellow smaller burger chain operators with many seizing the PR opportunity with their witty take on accepting BK’s proposal. 


McDonalds 'McChickened Out'


 And finally… PG Tips gets saucy