This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Ronnie who?

This week a man from Hull, you’ve probably heard plaqueof him, Ronnie Pickering took the internet by storm. When a motorcyclist, Scott Middleton, was hurled abuse at by a fellow road user who was adamant he should know who he was, the video filmed on Middleton’s helmet cam went viral when it was posted online. The video prompted numerous spoof videos and the hashtag #RonniePickering has continued to trend. A mock memorial plaque was also photoshopped onto one picture. Newsnight’s mashup of the spoof videos is hilarious and well worth a watch. 


H&M or D&K?

This week high street fashion giant H&M launched its new collection with their champion model, David Beckham. To spark interest in the new line of “Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham” a comedic video has been launched online which sees David Beckham himself teaming up with American comedian Kevin Hart. The seven-minute-long video shows Kevin preparing for his new role as Beckham in an “upcoming film”. The film sees Hart spend a week with Beckham in his attempt to “go method” in preparation for the role. In the video we see the pair working out, drinking tea and having an ice bath. The video has been viewed over 1 million times already. 

£500p/m box room or PR stunt?

When Alex Lomax posted a a picture of a room that was up for rent in London for £500 a month that turned out to be a cupboard under the stairs (and likened it to Harry Potter’s digs) the media soon picked this up and ran with the story. However, it was later revealed that Alex works for a PR agency in Worcestershire which is where the letting agency London2Let who listed the advert is based, casting doubt over the truth in the post. 

And Finally… #SurpriseJoy

This week ex-England cricketer Freddie Flintoff donned a disguise in Covent Garden to help Cadbury spread some surprise joy. As part of Cadbury’s latest Joynormous campaign that has customers of their favourite single bars head online to see if they are a lucky winner, Flintoff dressed as a magic genie and gave out prizes to passers by who were handed scratchcards and the lucky winners were given a personalised prize based on a few fun questions they had already answered.