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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Christmas Ad Wars Begin

Getting it right

John Lewis

In the last week a number of household retail brands have started their Christmas advertising with some rather mixed responses. In the last few years the start of the festive period has been marked with the official launch of the John Lewis advert which was premiered last Friday during Channel 4’s Googlebox. The ad which sees the retailer team up with AgeUK aims to make us think of others, especially the elderly, who are on their own at the festive period. As John Lewis does so well with its adverts, it has taken the theme in-store and online by creating a range of “Man on the Moon” related products – which if anything like last year’s Monty the Penguin range will sell like hotcakes. As with anything that is popular, the spoof remakes have come in thick and fast from the likes of Welsh rappers Goldie Lookin Chain, Father Ted’s Father Jack and a Star Wars version that sees Darth Vader as the man on the moon by The Poke – you can see the real ad and one of the spoofs below.  


Cadbury unveiled their advert this week to show 24 Cadbury trucks filled with special surprises that join together to create an advent calendar. The trucks will then be deployed to different locations throughout the UK during the advent countdown and the surrounding people will be given a Christmas treat of chocolate and other surprises yet to be revealed. Fingers crossed it comes to Leeds! 

Getting it wrong


For everyone that gets their Christmas campaign right, there will always be someone who fails rather spectacularly. This year it is luxury US department store, Bloomingdales, who decided to add this one page advert to its Christmas catalogue, which has caused outcry on social media as it suggests “spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking” and inferring date rape. Some of the reaction on Twitter can also be found below. 

One Direction Get Their Own Emojisone_direction

Directioners around the world will no doubt be jumping for joy to hear that Twitter now has launched “One Direction’s biggest weekend on Twitter” with dedicated emojis to depict each of the band members so that you can now vote for your favourite member of the band. Harry seems to be winning the race so far but there’s still time yet… The campaign’s main part kicks off on Saturday at midnight when the world will unite in their love for the biggest band around by using dedicated country hashtags to show the love for the band. There are 140 country-specific hashtags and the top ten countries with the most tweets will be rewarded with their own dedicated emoji. (Just in case you want to know it’s #1DUK for us). 

Yahoo Launches Product Adsyahoo-product-ads

In a bid to give retailers another option in the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Yahoo has launched its own version of product ads which can be shown in search results and display advertising. Courtney McKlveen, Vice President, Industry Lead Retail & Travel at Yahoo told Search Engine Land, “Early advertisers using product ads have seen up to 20 percent higher conversion rates and more than 30 percent lower cost per acquisition, enabling them to scale campaign impact without scaling budgets.”

And Finally…

After being stopped in the street by a war veteran selling poppies to be told the correct way to wear them, Karen Lowton from Orpington recounted the meeting on Facebook and the post went viral reaching as far a field as New Zealand and Canada with over 517,000 shares. Since the post got so much positive feedback, Karen has tracked the man down again and told him of the good wishes people have sent. The full post can be found here