This Week in Digital

Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

Welcome to 2016! This Week in Digital has had a festive break like the rest of us but has returned ready to tackle the digital stories that you have been talking about this week.

Puddle Goes Viral

A puddle in Newcastle that was filmed by live streaming app Periscope went viral earlier this week as people up and down the country tuned in to see people attempt to cross the giant pool of water. At the puddle’s peak of fame more than 20,000 people were streaming events live and #DrummondPuddleWatch started trending. What started off as just watching people try to cross the puddle any way they could using the embankment, hanging on a lampost or just cycling straight through it, morphed into a comedy sketch all of its own. Anthony Kane brought a lilo and tweeted himself in the puddle, one guy put out a wet floor sign and surfers even got involved. This is one of the most British things I have ever seen go viral. 

Photo Gets Likened to Painting

A picture released by the Manchester Evening News that depicted the scene on New Year’s Eve in the city centre spread when Roland Hughes, senior producer for BBC website and BBC World News, noticed the similarities between the picture and a beautiful painting. The comment sparked artists to recreate the picture in many different forms. The man at the centre of the photo lying in the road with his pint of beer, Mike Deveney, has since confessed that he has no recollection of this scene taking place. 

Artist Nic Stacey recreated the photo on canvas (photo courtesy of Manchester Evening News)


How Hot are You?

A Swiss dating app, Blinq, has released a new tool this week which enables you to upload a photo of yourself and it then determines your attractiveness and age based on your facial features. You can be rated on a scale from “Hmm..” to “Godlike” but since even Jesus himself can’t make the top rating (this is one of the sample images provided on the site) it could make you feel rather depressed about yourself…


What Does Windows 10 Know?

In a blog published by Microsoft this week, it was revealed whatshutterstock_288103826 data is being tracked by the company’s new operating system Windows 10. Using the standard settings of the operating system automatically sends back information to Microsoft on usage of its apps and searches using its new Edge browser. It revealed that since its launch 200 million devices now use the updated system which has led to 2.4 billion questions being asked to virtual assistant Cortana and 44.5 billion minutes spent using the Microsoft Edge browser. 

And Finally…

Video streaming company, Netflix, is beating traditional netflix-making-a-murderertelevision at its own game with the release of its new Making a Murderer documentary that has got people gripped. The ten-part show follows Steven Avery, the Wisconsin man accused of killing photographer Teresa Halbach. The ability to watch the series end to end seems to have proved a hit with audiences and has proved much more popular than more traditional serialised documentaries of this ilk such as Channel 4’s Murder Detectives. The series has created such a stir that there is also a 353,000+ strong petition for Mr Avery’s release from prison.