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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

It’s Been an “Emojinal” Week

This week House of Fraser received a mixed response for a social media campaign launched on Monday with the hashtag #emojinal. #Emojinal is a Valentine’s Day campaign that celebrates love through our favourite icons?! As the first social media posts started appearing, there was quite a backlash to the campaign with followers failing to understand why the brand would create a campaign that didn’t really fit with their core demographic. (This being said their emoji game that accompanies it is pretty fun – although a few are really stumping us in the office – 5 and 11 in particular?)

Here are a few of the tweets with some rather unimpressed replies…

Friends Day PromoFacebook Marks its 12th Birthday with #FriendsDay

It’s hard to imagine a time before Facebook when you’d have to call a friend to say hi, or even more unthinkable, actually go and see them, but a time did exist – and it was only 12 years ago (as of yesterday). To mark its anniversary, Facebook launched the #FriendsDay video which automatically creates a video from content you have shared on your profile with your friends. The video can be edited with photos of your choice and the option to share it should be displayed at the top of your news feed and an option to make one under your friends’ videos that have been posted. As we connect with more people in our virtual lives it is not surprising that the degrees of separation between Facebook users has decreased from 3.74 in 2011 to 3.57 today, which was also announced as part of their birthday celebrations. 

Taylor Swift to Release Mobile Game

Anyone who is anyone these days has their own mobile game app. Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry to name a few have already released their own versions and the latest celeb to announce that they are stepping into the virtual world is no other than Taylor Swift. Details of what the game is to include have yet to be announced, I just hope, as a die-hard Swifty myself, that it will be a little more ambitious than Kim K’s in which you have to build your celebrity reputation and move from E-list to A-list. 

VW Want You to Remember the Good Times

Volkswagen has had a pretty rough time of late. The diesel emissions scandal has left many with a tarnished view of the global car manufacturer. In a bid to turn these opinions around, VW has released an advertising campaign that evokes nostalgia following a young boy’s journey into adulthood through evolving Volkswagen cars taking in milestone events such as driving tests, marriages and births. The ending tagline simply reads: “Then. Now. Always.” But will it really turn around the brand’s fortunes? That remains to be seen. 

And Finally…

We’re no strangers to the selfie stick, in fact over the festive period we got a little bit obsessed with them, but we didn’t quite go to the lengths that the Zoolander 2 cast did last night at the London premiere. Ben Stiller took a photo of the entire cast using a record-breaking selfie stick which measured eight and a half metres long. The record was adjudicated by Guinness World Records and has been officially set, I wonder how long it will take for someone to attempt to break this one?