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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

NFL Beat Advertisers at Their Own Game

At the weekend, the 2016 Super Bowl final took place between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, but as has become tradition, it is now more about the adverts from brands in between and the half-time show. There were plenty of brands releasing new adverts throughout the game, ranging from the surreal Mountain Dew Kickstart’s #PuppyMonkeyBaby and the most shared advert being Doritos’ Ultrasound. However, the NFL themselves released an advert during the game and it’s brilliant. It has long been a fact that the winning city of the Super Bowl sees a spike in the birth rate nine months afterward. This video sees Seal’s classic “Kiss From a Rose” parodied. Sung by a choir of “Super Bowl babies” from a number of different years, the lyrics have also been changed to:

“We’re all Babies, It all happened on the night the Super Bowl was played, Ooh that’s why we’re here singing this sweet serenade.”

Shop with Google and They’ll Deliver It?

Google has submitted a patent this week for a self-driving courier van that could see your shopping being delivered by a driverless vehicle. The van has lockable storage lockers which the recipient will be given a code to unlock and release their purchases. A slightly different alternative to Amazon’s drone system, however, it does seem to suggest that the number of delivery drivers could decrease in the future. The patent doesn’t seem to be too detailed though, so perhaps it’s a little way off yet…

google patent


There are plenty of Valentine’s campaigns about at the moment, but none perhaps that have as hard-hitting a message as this one from NHS Blood and Transplant. The video campaign aims to make couples openly discuss their preferences for organ donation after their death. Sounds like a pretty morbid topic… but somehow the NHS has created a campaign that is witty and engaging by showing first-date couples divulging more than they should. The final message is “On Valentine’s Day some things are better left unsaid… and some things aren’t.”

Kanye to Release Heavenly Game

Kanye West announced this week at his fashion show in New York that he has created a video game in memory of his mother that sees her enter the pearly gates of heaven. And from the preview that has been released, it is just as strange as it sounds. The reaction to the game was not as he would have liked. Rolling Stone reported he retorted with: “That’s not easy to do, man, y’all be acting like that s*** is regular… I go out to meet with everybody in San Fran, and they’ll diss the f*** out of me. And I’ll be like, ‘I wanna make a game,’ and they’ll be like, ‘f*** you.’ That was hard to do, bro.” Taking criticism well as always, he then continued to play the trailer again.

And Finally…

As it’s Valentine’s day this weekend, it feels right to end with a true love story that has been helped along by the internet. 93-year-old Second World War veteran Norwood Thomas was reunited this week with his wartime girlfriend, Joyce Morris after 70 years apart. The pair met in London in the 1940s but when the war ended and Norwood had to go back to the US, the pair parted. The pair found each other when one of Joyce’s children found an article online which featured Norwood and contacted the publisher to get in contact with him. A few Skype calls later and with the help of public donations Norwood was flown out to Australia where Joyce now lives, just in time to spend Valentine’s together.