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Laura Britten

Marketing Manager

This week in digital

“Move to Canada” Surges as Trump Triumphs

“Super Tuesday” this week in the USA saw Donald Trump secure primaries in seven states, putting him as the favourite Republican candidate to take on the Democrats in the race for the Whitehouse. Almost instantaneously after the win for Trump, Google searches for “how can I move to Canada” soared – especially in the states that favoured the 69-year-old businessman. The news was first brought to our attention when Google’s Data Editor, Simon Rogers tweeted that the search term had increased in popularity by 350% in four hours. 

Since then, the search term has continued to rise, at its peak, it was 1,150% higher than usual (the highest recorded value ever for this search term) and has since dropped to around a 500% increase. Interestingly, the majority of these searches came from Massachusets, which had just given Trump a landslide victory with 49% of the vote. The Canadian Government’s website also seemed to be buckling under the demand for its citizenship and immigration pages displaying messages that users “may experience delays”. 


Leap of Faith

Being a leap year we were treated to a February 29th this week and to celebrate, dating site eHarmony aired the first ever live broadcast advert. As is the leap year tradition for a woman to ask a man to marry her, the advert saw a couple who met through eHarmony, and now have a young son, get engaged when Sarah asked Neal to marry her. Set across two adverts and broadcast during Channel 4’s Super Shoppers the first instalment saw Sarah plucking up the courage for the big moment with the second centring around the actual proposal. Of course, he said yes! 

TV Licence Required for iPlayer

It was announced this week that a loophole that allows users to watch BBC programmes on iPlayer without a TV licence, as long as they are not live streaming  is to be closed according to the Culture Secretary, John Wittingdale. The loophole arose as when the licence fee was first enforced there was no such thing as catch-up TV and meant that people could watch their favourite programmes just a few minutes after licence fee-payers for free completely legally. 

Do Emojis Limit Girls?

In Always’ latest #LikeAGirl campaign they are tackling emojis. Have you ever noticed that there are no female occupation or sports emojis? Well, Always wants to change this. In the advert it shows that girls send over a billion emojis a day and, as the world’s fastest growing language, it “limits [girls] to stereotypes”. In a series of real interviews, a group of young girls are asked what female emojis they would like to see, the answers included a wrestler, football player, detective and lawyer. 

And Finally…

Snapchat used the Oscars ceremony held on Sunday to launch its new Live Stories feature which shows real-time updates from roving reporters at the ceremony and after-parties. This new feature allows videos to be watched outside of the app’s interface for the first time. The inaugural outing saw many of the night’s main talking points shared, including Leo’s well-deserved Oscar win and Spotlight’s Best Picture win.